Tourist Trek Through Valencia, Spain

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It was a three hour train ride down the east coast of Spain to get from Barcelona to Valencia and most of it was right along the Mediterranian Sea. We are in front of the tain station in Valencia right now taking in the sights and wondering how so many orientals are here that speak Spanish
Bienvenida a EspaƱa
This is one of those trick illusion spots. Almost looks like there's tons of stuff to skate here, but there really isn't. It's supposed to be a sculpture of that one giant guy that gets tied down by the little people
This is some kind of stadium that's on all the postcards in Valencia
This is Valencia's Bro Bowl. Since it's 800 degress right now, we're going to lurk the city, eat dinner, then come back. In a few hours, this place will be packed
Look to your left from the Valencia Bro Bowl and you find this giant pube on stick
I had the pleasure of spending a few days with Jake Phelps. As long as the little things don't upset you, this guy is a fun time to be around. Speak first, think later. Your feelings, he doesn't care. Thanks once again for the entertainment, Jake
They had one of those skateboard simulator toys on the beach there. Of course, there were Euro banana hammocks on it all day long
A small sample of what they claim is "food"
Our new Spanish friends took us to lunch/dinner on the beach so whenever more sketchy snails or octopus came out, at least you could just turn your head and check out a nice Spanish girl's tanned tatas
This was almost looking good when they brought out this huge plate of paella for us, but it had chunks of octopus and Peter Cottontail in it. Yeah, they like their rabbit meat in Spain. I wonder if the foot means good look there
The locals were asking Phelps what he thinks of this park they have under construction and part of his reply was, "I think it's dangerous." Yeah, a little bit. 800 feet tall with 80 feet of vert and no flat bottom? All three people that like this stuff can't wait to put their leopard print pads on
After seeing too many snails, rabbits' feet, and suction cups on octopus put in front of us as "food", DMFP and I had to track down the nearest classic Americano establishment. That's about US$35 that we spent on food just for the two of us
We had quite a crew at our beach lunch spot. Thanks for the beer, sangria, and creepy sea animals
Two thirds of Bad $h!t - the newlyweds, Tony Trujillo and Trixie
We are now back at the Valencia Bro Bowl. I am very entertained by the characters and skating going down at this spot. It's pretty comparable to the Bro Bowl in Tampa
Trixie's five months pregnant, but she has no problem roughing it through Europe with us
Yaweh is one of the Valencia Bro Bowl locals. He and his crew destroy this place. For some reason, they're all bald, too
This weird species of bee is going to dig a hole in the hard, dry ground and drag his dead homie there into the hole for a proper burial. Check the footage at the bottom of the article out
We're out of here. One more shot of the stadium looking like a Stormtrooper helmet
I think the last time I saw a locust I was in the Phillipines living with chickens and ducks in my living room. This is one of the creepiest bugs out
Phelps, Trujillo, P-Stone, DMFP, Schaefer, and I are just wandering the amazing streets of Valencia
The residences have the most gigantic doors I have ever seen
I guess that's some kind of bullring or something? This is right outside the train station
The ceiling in the train station had the most amazing detail to it
Well we can't leave a town without partying at some bar. Tony Trujillo is borrowing my rocker hair for yet another standard party photo
Damn, I can't even remember the name of the dude's house we stayed at. There were so many of us in there, Dylan and I had to sleep in the kitchen. I figured the cleanest place on the kitchen floor would be under the table where no one walks. P-Stone snapped this one in the middle of the night. I'm curling up a little too close with Dylan
Straight from the kitchen floor to yet another train ride. Good-bye Valencia
Here's three minutes of Valencia, Spain. Random skating through the streets, Phelps offers his opinion on their new skate park under construction, some of the locals at the Valencia Bro Bowl, bees that dig holes and bury their brother bees, and more.

Here's a map of the part of Spain we had our adventure through. Castallon is just outside of Valencia. We never made it to Roberto Aleman's hometown of Alicante. Maybe next year.

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