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Our Last Few Days in Castallon and Barcelona, Spain

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Castallon is some small city outside of Valencia where there was a house party where Bad $h!t played. Before heading over to the house, we had yet some more beach chill time. Same deal at this beach as all the other ones...
When we arrived at the house, they had a full blown BBQ going. It was mostly different types of sausages and what hopefully was pork chops. I had a couple pork chops. Interesting how they put the food directly on the coals like that. Things get a little crusty, but it's good
P-Stone is a filmer for Thrasher and makes all their videos. He's one of the best people in the world to travel with and will keep you laughing the whole time. He's about to throw down the sketchiest vampire sausage ever. It's black as charcoal because it's made of blood
Broom Hilda over there couldn't stop dancing the whole time. Check those leg warmers. I had to get a foot fetish, Flashdance style
Apparently, this is the girl that had the birthday party. Can't remember the name, but thanks for letting a bunch of random whities crash your birthday bash and sleep in your lawn
Why do you have a gummi bear in your ear, sir? We'll never know. No speeka Engrish
Two bands played before Bad $h!t that that sounded pretty decent. I have no idea what they sang about. No speeka Engrish
That's the singer from the first band and the drummer from the second band. The entire conversation was just, "I like your musica" followed by "gracias." No speeka Engrish
Right around the corner from the house was an empty bar with these happy folks serving up San Miguel's after the party ran out of beer. Nice shirt, girl. No speeka Engrish
Schaefer caught P-Stone and I in mid-siesta. These Spaniards party super late
The house had toilets that were anti-double decker
When I woke up the next morning with ants all over me freaking out like someone getting tickled to death, the party was still raging like it just started
The next morning we sat around at the pool. Phelps is making scootin' look cool
It's another beachside lunch for us before heading for the long train ride back to Barcelona. This grilled chicken was the best meal I had on the whole trip
We met this girl in the train station that skates. Check that "skate or die" tat. Apparently, she's leaving her boyfriend in Castallon and moving to Barcelona or something like that
So the only skating we did in Castallon was for tranportation. We're on the train back to Barcelona now and still more mulletude of epic proportions is being spotted. This one is an extremely rare find - the dread mullet. I didn't even know it existed. I feel like I discovered a new species
We spent the entire three hour train ride in the bar car getting a little rowdy and making plenty of new friends. Well, at least Schaefer did
Somehow Ronald's always tastes better in another country
We're back in Barcelona now where our friend Jose Noro is showing us around the city and taking us to spots no tourist would ever make it to. How far into this long stair bomb can you go? I can't even go one with a jacked knee
Recognize this spot? It's super scary in person
What's that one video? Something about flare or something? Anyone seen that or this spot?
Jose is taking us on a long walk up a mountainside neighborhood in Barcelona right now. You don't have your skate legs anymore after this hike
This is a church you can see way off in the distance. We should go check that out
You can get a full 360 view of the city from the top of this hill Jose brought us to. There are strange plants all around, too
We all made paper airplanes that crashed and burned faster than the Concorde. I must apologize for those shorts I'm wearing. Sorry about that
We really got caught up in the tourist stuff. Antoni Gaudi was an architecht from the early 1900's that built some crazy things and had a park in the City dedicated to his name. I like those ginger bread house looking creations he made
Here are more amazing ceilings made by Gaudi. This one flipped upside down looks like a good time on a skateboard could be had
We had a fun downhill skate from the top of that mountain all the way down to the center of the city where this church is
The entire church has details in its architechture like this small sample here. It feels like you can stare at it for hours
Your classic orientals were everywhere with their Air Ghandi's and hip sacks. This dude one upped it with a cell phone on a necklace
Jose brought us to another rotisserie chicken place at my request. They had full blown Roger Rabbits grilling on the sticks along with the chickens. Jose bit the head off one like Ozzy Ozbourne. Yikes
This spot has plenty of potential, but there's a quick hotfoot ollie up a curb to get to it. Dylan piled up to the hip on it
I guess I have a ton of frequent flyer miles. While we were waiting to board, they called us all up to the front desk. We thought there was some kind of problem, but it turns out we're all upgraded to First Class on our flight home from Barcelona. It was nine hours of serious high class restaurant service. Everything was free - great food, booze, wine, champagne, current movies, video games, metal utencils and real wine glasses, plus seats that fully recline into a bed. I had a filet for dinner. It's going to be hard to go back to plain old regular status after that
Here's a map of the part of Spain we had our adventure through. Castallon is just outside of Valencia. We never made it to Roberto Aleman's hometown of Alicante. Maybe next year.


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