Thrasher’s Paul Revere Bust or Bail Rail Jam in SF Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Thrasher’s Paul Revere Bust or Bail Rail Jam in SF

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2008 by Brian

By Brian Schaefer

The 16-stair rail had a hand-made take-off built out of wood with a layer of metal on it because the original ground was uneven due to sinking
Darrell Stanton mid bail on a switch back 180
Chad Fernandez - front noseblunt
Darin Howard - one of DLX’s good villains
Good to see some of the locals from Tampa - Dustin Eggling making the move to SF
Andrew Langi getting paid for his $3,000 for 3rd place
Justin Gold AKA “Iguana Neck” - one of the organizers at Thrasher
Jake Phelps - the host who had some great banter on the microphone, with a $10,000 richer Ryan Sheckler that was much deserved
Corey Duffel didn’t skate, but he was there in true professional form signing a thing or two for the fans. Not sure why he didn’t skate
Always stoked to see Cardiel and he was there and hyped to see the skating go down. It won’t be long before he is jumping down stairs again, I guarantee it. All hail Cardiel!!!
Mic-E Reyes in good company and holding Reynolds’s broken board
Skatepark of Tampa Party Team member with beer in hand. Keep up the good work, Oliver
Better look at the rail and the stairs that got destroyed
Gay photo of me blessing the rail in my white suit - preparing to gear up to get down for the wedding service I was performing later that day
Black Label’s Team Manager and good friend originally from just outside of the Tampa lands, Lance Conklin
James Nicol spotting at the 2 Live Crew After-Party. James was a local back in the old days of SPoT
One of the 2 Live Crew holdin’ it down for Miami…
Strobe light honey with 2 Live Crew. It wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t have their signature bad-ass-booty-ho's on stage with them
P-Stone and his old faithful Toyota that drove us around the city
P-Stone’s backyard view on a clear day from the Excelsior neighborhood. In the distance is Twin Peaks, where that giant antenna is sitting, where you can get one of the best views of the city
Both Wade and I were hired to perform the wedding. It is inevitable that we will be hosting more weddings soon. We have all angles covered, so if you know anyone that needs to get married, please send them my way at
P-Stone early morning grind at the Potrero Del Sol Skatepark in the Mission, just before I went to the airport heading to San Diego for the ASR Trade Show
Overview of one side of the Potrero Del Sol Skatepark
The other half of the Skatepark, which is a smooth flowing bowl with multiple sized pockets
My trip to SF was scheduled long before the event due to my new title as “Reverend Schaefer.” Yes, you got it. I am legal to marry people now as I am an Ordained Minister, which is part of the Universal Life Church. The Bust or Bail Rail Jam just so happened to be on the same day as the wedding I was hosting. I was able to catch the event in the afternoon, hang out with some friends, and make my way over to perform the service for the now newly weds Derek and Alisha St. Pierre.

I was fortunately staying really close to the event, but far from the wedding location. So I put on my white suit and skated over to the Paul Revere School, which is where the 16-stair rail was resting and awaiting damage. Upon my arrival the Contest was in warm-up mode. A few of the no-name guys had three tries to break something off to make the cut so they could skate the main event or get ripped to pieces by the host of the day, Jake Phelps. Needless to say there weren’t many people that could hang and make it to the main event. In the middle of the cut-maker the Contest got kicked off prematurely, but very appropriately, when Mellow Jay took the sack of the day including the scorpion dismount.

Check the Thrasher video footage here.

With the likes of so many great skaters in attendance, here are my quick notes and the final placings…
  • Sierra Fellers - attempted switch heelflips with no makes, but a good show
  • Chad Fernandez - ripped it with front noseblunts and front lipslides, but never seems to get any love
  • Moose - he killed it with several tricks, but making the back 360 was one of the highlights of the day. Hopefully Jake gave him some money
  • Justin “Figgy” Figueroa - front feebles and other stuff I can’t remember
  • Terrell Robinson - had a hard time, but was able to throw down his nollie boardslides
  • Darrell Stanton - nollied and switch back 180’ed the stairs. I didn’t get to see it, but Thrasher filmer P-Stone told me he cannon-balled the stairs and almost rode away. For those that don’t know the cannon-ball, it is where you just grab the nose and tail at anytime together, but in this case with speed towards the stairs and hanging on until you hit hopefully the bottom below the stairs
  • 1st place / $10,000 - Ryan Sheckler - backside lip, backside lip fakie, hardflip, backside flip, 360 flip
  • 2nd Place / $5,000 - Andrew Reynolds - frontside flip over the rail and varial heelflip
  • 3rd Place / $3,000 - Andrew Langi - frontside nosegrind, krooked grind, front blunt to fakie, feeble grind
  • 1st place and only place for doubles / $3,000 - Justin Figueroa and David Gravette with a double front 50/50 down the rail
Sheckler definitely deserved the win, it is always a pleasure to see Andrew Reynolds as his style only gets better, and it was good to see the rookie Andrew Langi walk away with some money. Seems as though more guys should have walked away with cash, but that’s what happens when you lump the big purse in the top three.

From the event I went on to perform my wedding, which was super-fun. More fun that we had DJ Wade assisting with the ceremony and of course the reception with some good tunes. In the mix filming the wedding was our good pal P-Stone. After the wedding we were even able to catch the Thrasher After-Party where we got to see the 2 Live Crew perform.

Great event Thrasher, Nike SB, Independent, and Plan B. See you at the next one, and remember, my crew and I will be happy to host your future wedding.


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