Art, Windmills, The Hub, Feet, and Dead Pigeons

Posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

There was a Body-guard at the door making sure all fine ladies got the proper greeting and treatment before entering our crusty skateboard hut
This was the scene when I arrived at around 9pm. All the booze was gone by this time. Next time put an alcoholic in charge of the sauce. Thanks for letting me raid your private stash, Frosty
Here's a sample of some of the work. I like the old Rob Roskopp influenced design. Since you're not 80 like me, I'll let you know Rob Roskopp was an 80's pro that never did any tricks, had any real ads, any photos in the mags, or any video footage. Just a good selling graphic. This method of selling skateboards still exists today and some networks even give those kinds of pros a vehicle and a TV show. Skateboard capitalism is a fascinating thing
Angel Carela spends a lot of time with Online Guy dressing him like a mom to a child for product modeling shoots. Looks like XingTea is hookin' him up. I'm taking a Snack Bar break to go get one right now
Ichabod used to fondle Online Guy on the regular. Pat Stiener, welcome back from that northeast fruit city
Kyle Stone, has the nut grown back yet?
Clements, who is that again? See Leroy Sanders over there on the right? I was going to buy it from Goodwine, but someone else beat me to it. Now I'm just going to settle by going to KFC today
Get some Lil' Wayne and Nikatina stuck in your head like I do when you see Lenoce? Derewenko usually wears v-necks like Sondra, but he must have gotten some new shirts
I've worked in key positions in businesses with a few employees, 20 or 30 employees, and a few hundred employees and none of them have had a crew that bring such a diverse set of skills to the table that form together like Voltron as these four characters here. Thanks for doing this piece, Goodwine
Furlong wishes he was 10 years younger right now. Sierra wishes Furlong was David Loy
I forget who the DJ was, but he got the biggest breakdance circle going. Chippendale pants guy killed it on the dance floor
That's the best sad plant without a skatboard that I've ever seen. Give that dude a TV show
Another sad plant with an assist. Thanks for the entertainment
The locals approve. I spy a highway roadside graffiti artist
Did you know we have tile and pool coping in the Park? No you didn't, because you can only find it in Frosty's Dungeon
Thanks for the beers, Frosty. We put everything we played with back where it belongs, I think
Porpe and Gonzo Boccio frontman, Taylor. I spy a member of the Selego family
There was a Kiddie Course session going down the whole time. No matter how fancy it gets here, we're still a crusty skateboard hut
That's how Ryan Clements points at you when he suspects underage drinking
Thanks for doing the show, Goodwine. See you at the next one
I wasn't drunk enough at my place of employment so I moved on to the old Reservoir Bar in Ybor. I woke up with this foot fetish in my camera
Let's see what else is going on around the Park. Here's a bulletin board update from Boston. What's that Thrasher feature called where people draw photos and you guess what the real photo was? This drawing was from this photo last year
Barak sent over this photo of Crash and his tribute to Ozzy in the Shop. The meat on this bird is better than the sketchy Chinese food down the street
Here's one from Furlong. Barak isn't the only one on the greens. Furlong and Koston are keeping it frat on the course with a Coors shotgun
We sure are having some fun bid'niss meetings making up all this Skatepark of Tampa Party Team stuff
Here's one from Clem. I pass by this place every day, too. Jak Boy's Customs is claiming #1 place of harassment by the Tampa Police. Please take some heat off us
Meanwhile, on Barak's desk, some new Arto Destructo's have arrived that are not coming out until 2009
My desk is not nearly as cool as Barak's. For the next couple weeks, super nerd work is being done so that you can use the gift cards that you buy in the Shop on our website. This should be done soon if I can stay out of the bars
Speaking of bars, wanna go to The Hub? Sure! James T Cantor is holding it down with Jager and Race Poker gambling as usual. He gets the Lofaie Award for Most Time Spent in The Hub by a Married Man. What's a Lofie Award? Well...
A Loafie Award is what local rag Creative Loafing gives out to Tampa Bay Businesses once a year. They have a red carpet deal and all that at Tampa Theater. I went the other night and guess who won Best Dive Bar? That's right, The Hub. See you there
Been inside Tampa Theater? Check it out sometime. They show some good films there and they don't run out of beer like that one skateboard hut does
Whoever gave Skatepark of Tampa the award for Best Place to Feel Old due to crowds at our shows having bad "concert-going etiquette" is making me feel young with their 60-year-old mentality. Etiquette should be the last thing on your mind at a show
This photo is here just because I want it in the archives. My grandma from the Polish side of my family doesn't feel old. We gangsta like dat, son. I can't get her to loose the hip sack, though
Why shouldn't you gamble in Africa? Because there's too many cheetas.

This photo from the art show showed up in my inbox while I was putting these photos together. Apparently, that's Cheeta and his girl along with Mike Goodwine. If you were in our crusty hut, thanks for coming

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