Rob Mentioned We Needed Some More Skate Photos on the Site Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Rob Mentioned We Needed Some More Skate Photos on the Site

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by Rob

By Angel Carela

Rob mentioned we needed some more skate photos on the site, so I went ahead and snapped a few last night on the "Demolition Course." While saving these new ones, I came across another set from a few months ago that I had formatted and written captions for, but never used. I put them all together with the ones form last night and here you go...

I borrowed the fisheye lens from Rob, so it's time to lurk around the Park and get some pics. Setting things off is Chris Jata - nollie smith grind
Standing tall at 6' 2", Chris Mannion is a nice guy, but they don't call him the Boston Strangler for nothing. Boston - feebs
Boston - frontside nosegrind
Hats off, Frosty - front lip
Who dat? Front feebs
Chris Jata - fakie flip
Baby Jamie still having fun on the board. Taylor Foresman - frontside flip
Taylor Foresman - tre flip
Crash and Kory, stalling with style on the big one
Boston took over the camera and it was time for me to skate. Angel Carela - good ol' ollie
Kory putting his life in harm's way. Angel Carela - bs nollie big spin
Crash - backside 180
Don't have cash to pay for props to spice up your photos? Well, look at what some pizza and cigarettes can get you. Angel Carela - backside flip
Off the board, back on the camera, and Jacob is off his shift in the Snack Bar. Jacob - crooks
Boston - fakie wallride
The prop boys back in action after pizza and cigs. Crash - holding on to his life
Fast forward two months or so...
Every year, during the reconstruction of the Street Course, we always end up with some fun obstacles to skate. The "ski jump" is no more and now a nice gap has taken its least for now. New employee, George Goldberg, was the first to skate it with a kickflip
Jacob - bean plant across
SPoT local Craig is always smiling and down to teach you some bigspins, so just ask. Craig - switch front shove
Dylan Perry - half cab flip
Craig - switch heel
When not working on his car or racing it, Mr. Powers will be on his board. James Powers - kickflip
Goldberg - switch flip
Goldberg - switch pop shove
Dylan Perry - tre


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