Mid-November 2008 Course Construction

Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I just had the pleasure of tweaking out my knee yet again on these quarters last week before they were taken apart. My doctor said to have a beer and an MRI. I'm taking care of the beer right now. MRI is next week. Anyway, we should recycle these, huh?
Here's what the course looked like this morning
Tranny hip is back. That looks fun
Can't go wrong with a little tech center
Yep, we recycled those ripped out quarters. Porpe and Derewenko are neighbors in the Ybor cut. We dropped the quarters and some flat pieces between their huts and we now have a mini-ramp
It's not a regular afternoon on the keyboard at Innetech. How about a dance party on the flat bottom? Schaefer and Mike get down
We all moved that whole thing in just four heavy pieces. Or, maybe it was just heavy to me since all I lift is a laptop every day. All we need is a grill and a ramp layer to go with the everyone's hype on how much they're going to shred this thing and the session is on. Well, mostly it's Porpe. Can't wait
Meanwhile, back at the Park, here's what it looked like when I left today

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