Tampa Am December 2008 Chill Time

Posted on Monday, December 8, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I think this is about the fifth contest in a row where Antwuan has made an appearance out of nowhere in the middle of someone's run just to say what's up to everyone on the judges' stand. He rolled up wearing a Batman shirt and Batman logo print pants
That's Fat Bob, winner of the Old Man Bowl Jam, and Mike Sinclair scoring your every move on the course. I think you could make a TV show just from what's said in the judges' meetings we have have after each Contest
Jason Rothmeyer, Dooner, and Kenny Hughes are also watching your every move
Vern Laird's job is to say what all the judges are thinking on the mic for everyone to hear
You think you'd get the stomach butterflies skating against this line-up? Lem Villem, Chris Mendes, Timmy Knuth, Andrew Langi, some ripper I can't remember, Figgy, and Marius Syvanen
Here's a little bit of the young'uns line-up. I spy a hard working Team Manager from Volcom that keeps a close eye on all unknown talent and is constantly on the lookout. Maybe that's why they have Luan at the Volcom family
Yep, Atomic did free tats again all weekend and Xing Tea hooked up the natural sauce and eye candy. Looks like Mike Franklin is getting his girl's name on his ass
They get younger and younger every year, don't they? I bet we'll see them in Tampa Am next year
There's a bit of some politics and bid'niss stuff going down at skateboard.com right now, but they still did the webcast for us. Thanks! The emails all you guys sent in were hilarious. I'll see if I can get them all on the site later this week
The Moat Race is another one of those ideas that was probably born out of a good sauce and laughs session at the bar. It has turned into quite a tradition. It looks nice and green, but still smells like your toilet exploded
I went to shoot this dude's photo and he blew moat water and blood on me. I was more worried about the moat water
Here's another random line-up of Tampa Am crowd. I spy the owner and chief behind Flip Skateboards
Sierra had the chill cam on the nights I was letting the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team down. A full run of her party photos are coming up along with her usual top 10 list of like, totally hawt skater boi's
Thanks to the companies like Dakine, Nixon, and Nike SB that provided custom prizes for Tampa Am
Best move of the Awards: Wizard Smoke accidentally opened a champagne bottle too early, spraying it right into Schaefer's head while he was saying something serious on the mic. I'm laughing to myself just typing that
Drink up! You just won Tampa Am!
Every now and then, some people get top three in Tampa Am and kind of disappear. I don't think these top three are going anywhere but pro: Nick Merlino, Luan De Oliveira, and Andrew Langi
Hey Abdias, let's party!
Hey Clem, let's drink coffee and destroy!
We are long overdue for a foot fetish. People who know what's up with the foot fetish photos put their foot sideways. Other people, well, they'll learn soon enough
Last time Schaefer did the salute at at Tampa Am party, he was in a trash can
Body's looking like the President of Iceland or something
What are people this age doing in a night club? Growing up fast. Brittany, Spencer Lau getting fresh, Isiah Johnson, Charlene, and Luie Lopez
Charlene and Brittany wish they were 10 years younger. Curren Caples wishes the opposite. I wonder if all these kids ran into The Senator?
The Les Savy Fav show was nuts. The lead singer is crazy. That's a sofa that he's crowd surfing on. Derewenko and Matt Selego approve
Ashley Harrison is a seventeenie bopper that also has a list of omg hawt skater boi's. She and Sierra are going to have to fight over some of their common picks
These photos are all out of order. The fish bowl and the Snack Bar were host to the 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall Art Show on Thursday night. Welcome to Tampa!
I heard the majority of the work sold at the Art Show. All proceeds went to Boards for Bro's
What night was this? I can't remember, but some serious karaoke went down courtesy of Andrew Cannon and Body. Thanks for the laughs

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