Tampa Am December 2008 Skate Photos

Posted on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Abdias Rivera had a near perfect run in the Qualifiers and had the Golden Ticket for much of the day, but then Collin Hale bumped him out
A good shifty flip fools you into thinking it's going to be a frontside flip. Abdias River fools you
Anthony Schultz - frontside noseblunt on the bank to wall
Boo Johnson - 5-0 frontside 180 out on the rail
Is his first name Bulard or Adrien? 360 flip
They called him Baby Billy Idol all weekend. Cody Davis - backside big spin
Brad Cromer - frontside half cab flip
Mike Espinosa - frontside flip with some arm baggage
When Felipe Gustavo misses his nollie flip crooked grinds, it's okay. He just makes a noseslide instead
Felipe Gustavo - switch backside tailslide
Felipe Gustavo - switch flip
Gilbert Crockett - frontside flip
Gilbert Crockett - kickflip
Ben Gore - back lip
Ishod Wair - kickflip back lip
Joao Miguel Bravin - 360 flip
Jimmy Marchand has overcome a lot of crap to enjoy these wooden toys we like
Jimmy Marchand - frontside boardslide
Jimmy Mastrocolo - kickflip crooked grind. Welcome to Tampa Am
Kevin Romar - nollie big heel
Brandon Knowles - back smith stall back 270 out
Lacey Baker - 360 flip
Lacey Baker - nollie heel
Andrew Langi - 360 flip
Andrew Langi - smith stall blunt fakie
Luan De Oliveira - frontside half cab flip
Luan De Oliveira - nollie frontside nosegrind
Luan De Oliveira - switch 360 flip
Luan De Oliveira - switch big heel revert
Luis Perez - gap front feeble
Manny Santiago - 360 flip
Travis Glover - nollie flip
Tom Rohrer - ollie impossible
Shortbus - frontside 360
It was impossible to shoot photos during the Indy Best Trick. Look at this mess
Scott Decenzo - nollie half cab switch crook. I wonder it if would be easier to get into Canada if I wore one of those jerseys
Justin Brock - frontside bluntslide
Andrew Langi - kickflip
Justin Brock - 360 flip with a disco point
Davis Torgerson - nollie heel
John Montesi in the Old Man Bowl Jam
Pete Kelly in the Old Man Bowl Jam
Tabari Cook - frontside feeble grind
Abdias Rivera - frontside 5-0
Who dat? In a list of 200 skaters, it's hard to stand out and be remembered
Ben Gore - kickflip
Solomon Mosley - backside flip
Dan Plunkett - frontside 360

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