Robby Kirkland

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 by Employee

Name Robby Kirkland (PeeWee Smirks)
When did you start working here? September 22, 2002
How long have you been skating? Since 1999
What set up are you riding right now? Zoo York 7.375" - 7.625" Deck, Thunder 145 Lo Trucks, Accel 50-52mm Wheels, Anything Allen Hardware, Zoo York Grip, eS Footwear Accel Shoes Size 8
What's your job here at the Park? Shop Worker
In five years I will be... Steady Smirkin S#@t
Shout outs? Zoo York, Kr3w, Accel, Ninja, Gracy Records, Pif Bunch, Skatepark of Tampa, Body Conley and P-Stein's for teachin me how to do hardflips
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