Trespassing in South St. Pete

Posted on Thursday, February 26, 2009 by Ryan

Words by Ryan Clements and Charlie Crank
Captions by Ryan Clements
Photos by Jerry Lukas

I'm always fascinated how typos can make it this far. Someone had to think this up, get it laid out, printed, and hung. That's at least three people that saw it and were totally cool with "balconys"
Charlie might be too old to bend over and get a good hold of his board on a crailslide, but I bet he landed it
Todd Webb with a nosegrab bs grinder
It's a good thing Rob isn't writing these captions because it looks like this guy wore this outfit to simply be made fun of
Charlie cranking out a lien to tail
I must admit that I'm pretty bummed that I missed this session
No pool session is complete without a frontside frogger. Charlie yanking it
As you might know, good pools in Florida are hard to come by, but my pal Charlie Crank seems to find them on a regular basis. He usually sends an email less than 24 hours prior to the session. This time I got the message on Saturday night, but I'm on the injured reserve right now and had to ask for the pics as opposed to living the experience. Here's what went down straight from Charlie:

The clean up started at 9am in this South St. Pete Jesus behemoth. 30-minutes later we were skating this incredible pool. Jerry busted out his first solid trespass pool grind as the limits were being pushed before beer. Webb was doin' backside scoop airs all morning, along with some serious triple light lines. Justin worked off a few, sticking a fakie ollie in the deep end as Jerry drew first blood. Victor showed up and carved some nice lines, then got a bad wheel-bite off the kink and slammed with more blood. Then Geza, Zack, and some other Bradenton locals showed up, and I started to show signs of leg gashes and then more blood. Zack got in and started instantly shralping through the walls with airs and sketchy grinds as Geza was going for the over-the-double-plate-light grind. Some of us left and others had to deal with three dudes showing up and asking who cut the fence. Thanks for asking for the pictures and getting them posted.


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