Randoms From Around Tampa

Posted on Saturday, March 7, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Today is the Gasparilla Festival of Arts in downtown Tampa. They set up the night before
This is Gaslight Park in downtown Tampa
I ran into Chef James T Canter, Skatepark of Tampa OG. Watch for his new cooking show Guerrilla Gourmet. The pilot is being shopped around right now. It's pure comedy and definitely not your average boring cooking show
While skating around downtown, I randomly ran into Mario Matabele's dad. He's in town showing some of his work for the Gasparilla Arts Festival
Another random encounter for the night was the entire Team Pain crew at Reservoir Bar. They're in town resurfacing the vert ramp
The Team Pain crew has some sweet gang symbols
The Art Festival is starting up this morning
The potential new skate spots are looking positive at the new Art Museum being constructed downtown
The steps at the new Tampa Art Museum. I wonder what this is going to end up looking like?
I was at the Hip Hop Church in Tampa the other day, not for religious reasons. I'm not superstitious. I just went with Clem to check some Skatelite they're getting rid of. They got a bunch of skate stuff there. The answer to the riddle, "Why is Jesus rich?" is painted on the back of this ramp
Harsh bank to wall. Jesus would rip it, though

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