Harvest of Hope 2009

Posted on Monday, March 16, 2009 by Rob

Photos and Captions by Porpe

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

Red Bull hooked it up...I’m talking about full VIP status. This is where we met with Ryan King to get our credentials, free beer tickets, and meal tickets. From this moment on I knew we were in for a good time
Thanks to Frosty, we had a mansion-sized tent. It took a while, but eventually we got it all set up
It wasn’t much but we made the best out of what we were working with
Dylan Perry – lipslide pop-in
Mike Peterson – high speed front board to fakie
Scotty Conley – Back lip
Clyde Singleton – feeble grind pop over
Joey Corey – Front blunt transfer
The Body is in full in effect. This is just one of the many photos I have of him stuffing his face. That box of fried rice was given to him by some random chick that was hairier than him. GROSS!!!
Body made friends with our camping neighbors. He was hyped because they were grilling some killer food. Can you guess what the next photo is going to be?
Yep, that’s right, Body stuffing his face
Here is some more face stuffing
And some more face stuffing
The Body and Albow with random chick. She doesn’t look too impressed with Body’s guns
I don’t know how Body does it, but the girls love him. I think this one was a bit too much to handle
What’s a music festival without a full on mosh pit? That’s Volcom’s own Valiant Thorr. They killed it
What is a chill cam dump without a foot fetish? This one’s for you, Rob
Thank you Red Bull Wiiings Team for the ride of my life. Or should we call it the ride that almost ended my life?
“Dance too much booty in your pants” I have no idea how she kept those shorts so clean
Dylan with a pretty lady
Body with a pretty lady
They may be old, but they still got it. Bad Brains was amazing
If you don’t know about Murs, I recommend that you check his music out. I never heard of the dude before and he blew my mind away with his lyrics. Even the kids love him
When KRS-One steps on a stage he absolutely owns it. It was the first time I have ever seen him perform live-in-person and I was blown away with his lyrical genius. Who freestyles to Beethoven? KRS-One does and he kills it
The final night ended with GZA the Genius. This was the first annual Harvest of Hope and I hope it’s not the last

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