IASC Summit, Roth's Wedding, and Vegas

Posted on Monday, April 27, 2009 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

The images below can also be viewed as a slide show.

After flying to LAX, Brian and I went and picked up Kevin Imamura from Nike SB. Looks like we interrupted his work-out
This skate park was right down the street from Kevin's house. Can you believe this? Unreal
The park actually looked pretty good...from outside the chain link fence that is
Next stop was a quick visit to HUF. That place sure is nice inside
Across the street from HUF is Supreme. This is the bowl in the back that you must have special permission to skate. Usually it's only after-hours that you can ride, but an exception was made for us. Thanks guys!
Javier Nunez was working the counter as he does when he's not winning Tampa Pro Best Trick. He was wearing the custom-made Nixon watch that was a part of his prize pack
Driving by Hollywood High never gets old for me
On the way to the IASC Summit at Woodward West, we stopped at the new skate park in Santa Clarita. This little planter was fun
The skate park in Santa Clarita was free and there were no pad rules...and check out this snake run!
Huck yourself in any direction. Some of this stuff missed the mark with improper runways and angles, but overall the park is pretty sick
This is an interesting concept and sure looks cool
At the IASC Summit, this was my view for a couple of days while I listened and listened and listened
I was asked to speak on the Specialty Retailer Panel. Although a bit nervous, it was cool to be up there and answer the questions posed by the moderator
Lunch time with Kevin Imamura and Dave Metty
When I was a kid, Tod Swank was a pretty big deal. 20 years later he's still a big deal to me and it's an honor to work amongst his kind
Schaefer shows you the view below. We stayed up at The Lodge and he's pointing at Woodward Camp down there
Always knowing when to sneak in a salute, Schaefer shows us how it's done while on the Pro Contest Panel
A lot of skateboarding events are sponsored by PBR nowadays. BG of DC wonders what's going on as Marty Ramos from Kona Skatepark talks
Whoever says that SPoTlight Productions and World Cup Skateboarding have issues together may be mistaken. Danielle Bostick and Brian Schaefer share a moment
The cement bowl at Woodward West is very diverse, fast, and overall damn fun
Jamey Stone of Transworld may be a big boy, but he's got enough snaps to get up on this smith grind
Steezy arm placement by Schaefer on this pole jam
Here's your foot fetish, Rob! Can anyone tell which shoe belongs to Ryan DeWitt?
Jon Comer was there. He was trying to steal my "hi-five" board, but I got it back from him
All of the retailers got the "hi-five" boards. It was the IASC version of the Just For Showing Up Award
Everyone in FL carries pocket knives, so I get stoked when those not from Florida are packing. Ryan Kingman of Element does not disappoint. I think he caught DeWitt falling asleep during one of the seminars and this is how he woke him up
Of course Schaefer and I got caught stealing the left-over beer on the way out
The other reason that we went to CA was to watch our long-time good pal, Jason Rothmeyer, get married. He's the happiest married man I know!
Here's Jason with his lovely bride Maya. She's just like him...no BS and no frills, making them a perfect match
Rothmeyer is highly loyal to the companies he works for. As you can see here, he got married in a pair of Fallen shoes
There is something very peculiar about this ornamental iron. Schaefer figured it out. Can you? Does it remind you of anything maybe?
The morning after the wedding, Jenna and I got up and drove straight to Vegas. We like to pull over at "Welcome to" signs
We got an upgrade to a suite while staying at The Palms. Although this picture really doesn't do it too much justice, this here is the bathroom with TV, hot tub, and all
Jenna and I walked The Vegas Strip and stopped by the MGM Grand. They have a free lion exhibit where you can walk through and the lions are over you. Their mannerisms are so akin to the way my cat at home acts...it just trips me out
When in Rome, right? We ended up at some cover-band, Spring Break Party-type bar and Jenna joined in for the free shots
You've got to be kidding me, right? There is no way this "big gal" got a tramp stamp of the freakin' Cookie Monster, did she? Thanks for getting that pic, Jenna. Hahaha!

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