Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoe Giveaway Quiz Answers

Posted on Thursday, May 7, 2009 by Rob

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What band did Stefan skate to in his "One Alone" video part?

Option A: Nirvana, Option B: Modest Mouse, Option C: The Shins
Correct Answer: A

During the Tampa Pro 2007 Best Trick, what trick did Stefan land?

Option A: Switch back tail, Option B: Switch flip crooks, Option C: Switch hurricane
Correct Answer: B

What shoe is highlighted in Stefan’s first Nike ad?

Option A: Bruin, Option B: Regime, Option C: Blazer
Correct Answer: B

What color are the laces on Stefan’s shoes on the January 2003 SLAP cover?

Option A: Red, Option B: Blue, Option C: Green
Correct Answer: A

What is the name of Stefan’s dog?

Option A: George, Option B: Ace, Option C: Liam
Correct Answer: C

What trick is Stefan doing in the cover of issue 47 of The Skateboard Mag?

Option A: Switch nosegrind, Option B: Noseblunt stall, Option C: Crooks pop-over
Correct Answer: C

What board brand did Stefan skate for before he headed over to Habitat?

Option A: Expedition, Option B: 1031, Option C: Rasa Libre
Correct Answer: A

What city does Stefan Janoski currently reside in?

Option A: San Diego, Option B: Sacramento, Option C: Miami
Correct Answer: B

In what year did Stefan Janoski turn pro?

Option A: 2003, Option B: 1998, Option C: 2000
Correct Answer: A

What shoe brand did Stefan skate for with Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Tim O’Connor, and John Rattray as teammates?

Option A: Sheep, Option B: Savier, Option C: Evol
Correct Answer: B

What trick does Stefan land down the Sacramento triple set in Mosaic?

Option A: Switch flip, Option B: 360 flip, Option C: Switch backside 180
Correct Answer: C

What stance is Stefan?

Option A: Goofy, Option B: Regular, Option C: Switch nollie
Correct Answer: B

What is the name of the song Stefan skates to in Subtleties?

Option A: Paper Thin Walls, Option B: Omaha, Option C: Troubled Times
Correct Answer: A

What instrument does Stefan like to play?

Option A: Flute, Option B: Guitar, Option C: Lapsteel
Correct Answer: B

What is the animal on Stefan’s first Venture truck?

Option A: T-Rex, Option B: Monkey, Option C: Sabertooth
Correct Answer: C

What is the colorway on Stefan’s first pro Venture truck?

Option A: Maroon and beige, Option B: Black and white, Option C: Burnt cypress and glowing darkness
Correct Answer: A

What clothing brand did Stefan skate for before Analog?

Option A: LRG, Option B: Quiksilver, Option C: Matix
Correct Answer: B

What skate shop does Stefan skate for?

Option A: 561, Option B: Liberty, Option C: Pacific Drive
Correct Answer: B


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