A New Course and a New Bar Scene

Posted on Friday, November 20, 2009 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Yonnie Cruz and his mop top on a perfectly balanced switch nosegrind.

This is Joe Pellham who puts together a lot of the local videos you see on the site.

When I saw Porpe bail this carve/transfer like 100 times I was sure I'd be getting a good new Take a Poop photo, but after I started shooting, he made it in a couple tries. I'm trying to accumulate as many crapper opportunities as possible for the Take a Poop book that's coming out soon. Yes, a book of Take a Poops. The sketchy skateboard industry has seen worse.

The Tampa Am trophies arrived in Innetech today.

Looks like the kiddie course isn't going to be done until tomorrow.

A nice four stair. Why does it have to be for kids? We should call it "The Veterans' Course."

I wonder what's going in the middle?

Stalker Steve got his new course fix in before opening up the Shop today.

This is the completed course as seen while facing the Shop.

This is the completed course looking towards the announcer area from upstairs.

I am now at Tommie Zam's Skateboard Industry Night in St. Pete where he has a shop called The Finest. This bar is two doors down. I was accosted by a wooly mammoth within minutes of entering.

This is the dive bar scene at Durty Nelly's.

Of course, one of those people sitting at the dive bar is Ricky Martin. He's probably going to get the cover of the Take a Poop book when it comes out. You're going to need one for the back of your toilet for sure. Anyone's house I go to that doesn't have the Take a Poop book is getting an upper decker.

Tommie Zam and Ryan Clements - now it's industry time.

It's a motorcycle thing, bro. You wouldn't understand.

Schaefer and Holly, see you on the Booze Cruise in about 30 minutes.

This is how Jesse from Team Pain introduced himself to my girlfriend, Brittany.

Earlier I had gone into the women's bathroom to avoid a dude line. Apparently someone tattled on me. The bouncer came and grabbed Jesse thinking it was me. We're looking real similar? Thanks for swinging hammers with the Team Pain crew all week on the new course, Jesse. Now come swing sauce with us on the Booze Cruise.

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