A Night of Sounds and Visuals

Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I stopped by two art galleries last night, Transitions Art Gallery and the Tampa Museum of Art.

First stop, Transitions Art Gallery. That's Justin on the drums in his band, Diamond Man.

The sounds are electronic, but this not techno.

Dude, we're like, with the band.

Since the days of John Montesi on New Deal, Tampa Bay area skaters have migrated to the west coast. Even Schaefer went and lived in San Francisco for a bit back in 2004. Is Dustin Eggling next?

Some local photographers had their work on the walls.

Sorry I had to leave so quickly, Justin. I'm trying to catch another show downtown. Holy crap, that's Ryne Hesslin in the band, too? Damn, everyone's done grow'd up. Ya'll stop that. Let's all stay children.

The skateboard business is slow. It's a rough time to be picking up and going west. Alex Bowers is back from San Francisco and I couldn't agree more with his new tattoo. Sometimes you don't realize the grass is greenest on your own side.

Just a photo of the Hi Lift place across the street from SPoT. We use those things to put up banners.

I'm now at the new Tampa Art Museum and it's amazing inside. It feels like you're actually in a real city. Even the crowd didn't seem all that douchebagish with Ed Hardy wear and such. It's nice to see just a regular ass cut of society that appreciates art in Tampa.

They have the most classy poopers I've ever been in here.

And where there's art, there's Suzie and Chad Cardoza. They're here planning for a show in April at the Museum.

Upstairs is an amazing photography exhibit by a guy with a bit of a perversion issue. You need to check it out. There's also some crazy artifacts from 100 to 800 BC as seen here.

High five to the adults using the playground outside. According to Skypoint instructions, I should be calling the police right now to report this violation.

Meanwhile, out in Curtis Hixon Park, Tampa is still vigilant about the mud butt problem as you can see in rule number six here.

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