White Trash Weekend 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

White Trash Weekend 2010

Posted on Wednesday, March 3, 2010 by Ryan

Photos by Ryan Clements and Jenna Becker
Words and captions by Ryan Clements

It's been an entire year since my last visit to Daytona for their annual Bike Week. This time, possibly due to the cold-ass weather and maybe the economy, it wasn't quite as white trash as I recall from last year. We still had a fun time, but didn't stay nearly long enough to see everything there was to see. Next year I'm renting a condo over there and staying the entire 10 days.

I got Caesar up really early to head to the boarding place for the weekend. He wasn't happy about that.

It was almost 50 out, which is really, really cold going 80mph on a motorcycle.

This was taken on I-4 as we drove through downtown Orlando. Who says kids ruin all the fun?

The St. Johns River is one of the few rivers in the United States that actually runs north.

Our toes and hands may have been frozen, but we made it.

We stayed at the Sun Viking. The Vikings may have brought the sun, but they certainly didn't bring the warmth.

Yes, I actually brought my skateboard to Bike Week, which definitely got me some looks and comments as I rode around with it on the back of my bike. This is the new bowl at Bethune Cookman Park in downtown Daytona. It's okay, but the layout sort of misses the mark.

However, the street course looks really good. I forget this damn kid's name every time, but I always see him at the All Ages Contests at SPoT.

Blake Carpenter is like the Tony Hawk of that skate park...total superstar.

Then we stopped by Stone Edge to see my old pal, Ricky Burns, who's managing that joint over there now.

Then next morning it was not only freezing cold, but raining as well. I shot this photo to simply make fun of the Canadian license plates though.

I don't know if this is really even considered a motorcycle. I guess it's cool if you're a member of AARP.

The rain cleared at about 2pm and people started coming out of their hotel rooms, but it was still really cold and uncomfortable outside.

If you're going to ride a trike, then an antique trike is the way to go.

This flag reminds me of a Jason Jesse quote in the Disposable book where he says something to the effect of, "If I had that graphic now, the flag would be upside down and it would say 'Jesus died, eat $h!t'"

If you stay off Main Street and hit the bars on the outskirts, you can get pitchers for $2.75.

Now this is what I consider an awesome chopper.

I had to have Jenna stand next to this bike to really give the perspective of the GIANT size of the thing.

Yes, these are the feet of a woman walking on Main Street, in a crowd of thousands, barefoot.

By Sunday morning it was completely clear out and had warmed up a little bit.

I'm not the biggest fan of these types of bikes, but I can certainly appreciate the work that goes into building them.

It was definitely still a bit too cold for this nonsense.

I took this one for Porpe because he doesn't love our country as much as he should.

Darren Navarette should be riding this trike.

This is for the king of all Harley Davidson riders.

I would like to know the official count of motorcycles that attend Bike Week. I tried to Google it to no avail.

This is downtown Orlando on the way home. It's only a 2.5 hour ride from Daytona back home to Tampa on I-4.

Is this not the perfect ender? I can't help but agree.


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