An Evening With P-Rod Article at Skatepark of Tampa

An Evening With P-Rod

Posted on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Damn, you couldn't even pose a better looking leveled out backside tailslide than this. I am now pulling frames out of sequences because I'm still over-excited about sequences. I will return to regular photos one of these days.

There's that flickering of what appears to be changing white balance on each frame of this switch back smith. Thrasher photographer Joe Hammeke broke it down for me. This and my other flickering sequences at night in the Park were shot at 1/500th of a second shutter speed. That's fast enough where the entire spectrum of the ceiling lights is not captured in the same way on each frame. He suggested slowing the shutter speed which would allow each frame to capture the full spectrum of the flickering lights. It worked. Check the following sequences and you can see the flicker is gone at 1/200th of a second.

Oh no, we've got a little tiny bit of Jereme Rogers arms coming out on the rollaway here. Remember when you didn't see one without the other with these two? I wonder if P-Rod has Jereme's jams in his collection? Anyway, that's an amazing looking switch flip wallride. The shutter speed is 1/200 on this one and the flicker is almost gone.

It was just another session at the Park...

...except for the switch flip back lips going down.

It's not a session at SPoT without a Tampa Kit. This dude had some of the biggest bonelesses I've ever seen a black man do. This is a wallie right here.

This is my new Park friend Jake Mills. He can scoot like a bitch. Scoot - is that what you say when you ride one of those Razor scooters? Anyway, he's really good at it and I'm a bit embarassed for him. He left it behind and is learning things on the board now.

Paul went back and forth between skating and just hanging out with fans. This here could be one of his biggest fans with the full P-Rod kit. I'm so glad that even at my old ass age, I still feel the same way he feels right now meeting one of his skateboard idols.

P-Rod played games of SKATE with everyone, including Justin Zaragoza here.

I wonder if Justin got a letter on P-Rod with this fakie big flip.

This is Jake Mills' first 360 flip he ever made over the hip. Now quit that scootin' and I'll be right there with you doing them next time, Jake. Thanks to everyone that came out for a night with P-Rod.


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