Tampa Pro 2010 Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest

Posted on Monday, March 15, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

One of the best things about the Team Manager and Industry VIP Contests is seeing all our fellow skate bid'niss desk jockeys tear it up like Adam Salo from the four capital letters (P, E, N, and S, not necessarily in that order, not pronounced like the writing utencil). He's doing an amazing job of covering Tampa Pro with a writeup, video, and photos. Check out his story on the Qualifiers and his recap of the Finals. I didn't see him at the bar and that's why he's done and I'm still working on Friday photos and stuck with hundreds of emails. Coverage from me will be trickling out slowly over the next few days. I was pretty slammed with registration and check-in during the TM Contest so I couldn't skate it, but I did manage to get a few breaks to shoot some quick photos.

Adam Salo is killing it in the Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest and also killing it with the coverage of Tampa Pro. Check out his write up on the Finals along with video and photos.

Scott Koerner is going to hook me up with some baggage after he rolls away from this bigspin pivot. Not emotional baggage, some bangin' Dakine baggage. Thanks for always backing what we do. Dakine has provided the backpacks at our events for nearly as long as we've been doing them.

Rodent is a photographer for The Skateboard Mag. Check out who he shoots with on the Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol.

Ira Ingram from Fuel TV had the pleasure of being Ryan Clements' personal all day filmer for the show they're going to produce about what goes on behind the scenes at Tampa Pro. Add Ira to the Giants That Rip Club.

George Cutright is from adidas. Thanks for bringing the team, especially Dennis Busenitz.

Darin Howard from Deluxe has a very non-team manager looking proper backside flip on the kahuna.

Kevin Wilkins writes about skateboarding adventures for The Skateboard Mag.

Jason Rothmeyer is the head judge for SPoTlight Productions.

Devin Mercado is from Eruption Clothing and brought their new rider Neal Mims to the Pro.

Ryan Clements won his third Team Manager/Industry VIP Contest today. Thanks to everyone that skated in it. I know the one question on everyone's mind was, "Where's Jim Thiebaud?" Get the full results here.

Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest Footage

Blind Team Manger Bill Weiss, Ira Ingram from Fuel TV, SPoTlight judge John Muldoon, DVS Team Manager Gabe Clement, Puerto Rican Ambassador Bole, Frontside Grind Magazine Poster Boy Mike Rogers, four capital letters champ Adam Salo, north Florida early grabber BC, 411 resurrector Josh Friedburg, Skateboard Mag photographer Rodent, great kickflipper Hunter from Nike, SPoTlight judge Jason Rothmeyer, skateboard adventure writer Paul Zitzer, SPoTlight judge and snack afficianado Mike Sinclair, Devin Mercado from Eruption, local stand up comic star Scotty the Body, Deluxe TM Darin Howard, Scott Keorner from Dakine, skateboard adventure writer Kevin Wilkins from The Skateboard Mag, Fat Bob of You Gotta Get That fame, and SPoT General Manager Ryan Clements are all going for it in the Tampa Not Pro 2010: TM and Industry VIP Contest.

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