Arrival in China for Woodward's Grand Opening

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Oriental photocopier.
Down the street from our hotel is a crazy market where you can get anything from dog meat to tarantulas on a stick. That's Chris Ortiz who hasn't lost his appetite at all so far.
Skater Profile: Chris Ortiz
The grass is very polite. Don't bother it.
There are a few ledges outside the Olympic Stadium and miles of the best flatground in the world, but other than that, we didn't find much. The rollerbladers there appear to be heavily influenced by ice skating.
Ryan Clements goes for some kind of bug/beetle on a stick while Zach Miller keeps it conservative with some kind of sugar coated strawberry stick.
Skater Profile: Zach Miller
A lot of these snack vendors are doing things for the shock value. These delicacies have great shock value.
The part of town we're staying in isn't too far off from any other American city scene.
The food hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought. We've had some great meals that cost about $1.25. This little girl at a local restaurant couldn't speak any English, but she was happy to communicate with us through gestures and small gifts like strawberries and tomatoes. We're off to Woodward now where the trip switches into full skate mode. More from China coming up later.

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