Emerica Mild in the Park 2010

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

My new friend Dylan here put himself through many "land or pile" tries on this kickflip down the five stair at SPoT. It was during the Sunday session at SPoT with the Emerica team. Andrew Reynolds and Ed Templeton were skating the stair set, inspiring everyone and raising the level of the session. He finally stuck it perfect on the bolts and it reminded me of how excited we all get when we learn a new trick. Go learn a new one today.
Justin Zaragoza is young enough to be entitled to legally do moves like this pop-shuv tail grab.
I think Marquise Preston has an extra knee in his leg right above his ankle.
Skater Profile: Marquise Preston
Andrew Reynolds - nollie crook.
Skater Profile: Andrew Reynolds
Ed Templeton - feeble grind.
Skater Profile: Ed Templeton
Support the team.
Next time you see Justin, this ollie to fakie will be above the coping. If you were here, thanks for coming to skate with us and the Emerica team.
Skater Profile: Justin Zaragoza

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