New Shoes and an Old Ditch Article at Skatepark of Tampa

New Shoes and an Old Ditch

Posted on Friday, July 23, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Somehow I'm on a list at eS where it seems like every new shoe suddenly shows up on my desk. Today I got the Atiba colorway of the new eS Square Two shoe. After apprehending it with the lens, bartender Durke from The Bricks and I went to the same old downtown spot as always, Turtle Ditch.

The custom back tag. Has anyone ever done a shoe with this heel tag thing on the front? Done right, that might look good.
The leather feels extra fancy.
The custom tongue. What is that? Some kind of really old memory card or something?
A clear, grippy sole.
D-Gar is smelling your sweaty socks.
Atiba's colorway comes with a photography book.
Skater Profile: Atiba Jefferson
Unfortunately, they didn't quite fit. They run a little big and these were a little long for me. Based on this sample, I'd have to get a half size down from what I normally wear.
Transworld Japan also crossed my desk recently.
I eagerly flipped through it looking for any instance of the term "meron grab." No luck, but I did find Hello Kitty skateboards reviewed.
Not quite a meron grab, but a bluntsride will do. How did they get the first "l" right but not the second?
You know those weird little quirks you have when skating, like when something switch is somehow easier for you than regular, or when frontside seems easier than backside and it seems like it should be the other way around? Those get magnified when you get older as you get more comfortable and set in your ways. Durke felt more comfortable with the switch wallride than with the regular.
Skater Profile: Durke Schmidt
A parking block to someone 30+ is like a pacifier to someone 2-.
Skater Profile: Durke Schmidt
I usually don't like to embarass myself with moves like this in public, especially when sober. You tend to let your guard down as you get older. I'm thinking Bones Brigade videos and possibly Steve Saiz on this wacky move. If you were 30+ you'd know who I was talking about. Also if you were 30+, you would not feel like coming in fakie with a death trap at the bottom of this pole jam, therefore you take a foot off.
Skater Profile: Rob Meronek

eS Press Release: éS x Atiba Jefferson Collaboration

Atiba Jefferson's influence on skateboard photography is undeniable with the iconic shots he's taken over the years. Beyond rolling wheels and feeble grinds, Atiba's reach with photography is not confined as he is a habitual photographer for the NBA, Slam Magazine, XXL and other numerous publications. Top world-renowned athletes and musicians such as Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, The Game and Kanye West constantly request Atiba to be their photographer for a magazine shoot. That has not, and never will, change his carefree attitude or his fanatical love for skateboarding.

éS is proud to collaborate with Atiba on a shoe for the first time. Atiba chose the new éS Square 2 model and features a premium black nubuck upper with Atiba's signature on the heel and a Film Roll logo on the tongue. A gum sole with clear tread showcases photos of éS team riders Rodrigo TX and Rick McCrank visible through the tread and the insoles display photos of Bobby Worrest and Danny Garcia.

Along with the shoe collaboration, éS and Atiba created the 15 Years of Atiba Photos book that celebrates the 15 iconic years Atiba has spent working with éS and is included free with each pair of éS x Atiba Jefferson Square Two model shoes. Available in stores now, so hit up your local éS stockist.


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