Member Appreciation Day Presented by Nike SB - August 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Member Appreciation Day Presented by Nike SB - August 2010

Posted on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Nike SB backed this month's Skatepark of Tampa Membership Appreciation Day. Here are a few photos from a little ledge contest we had.

Man, sorry I didn't get your name AND I put a toilet on you. I didn't ever see this crooked grind get made, so therefore, Take a Poop.
James Wright - backside 50-50 for Red Bull ad.
Skater Profile: James Wright
Jake Mills - frontside tailslide, probably to something crazy out.
Skater Profile: Jake Mills
David Fuentes - backside tailslide from an ollie up and over at the beginning of the ledge rather than starting in the middle. I prefer seeing them that way.
Glow shorts here put in some time to get this boardslide. This is Tyler. I wonder why I can't find his last name in the list of people who checked in today?
Tyler Hunger's got a near grown up looking frontside flip.
Skater Profile: Tyler Hunger
I was going to call this kid big Ortiz, but we already have a big Ortiz. Huge, in fact. Khalil Brown is like big Chaz Ortiz. That's a lipslide.
When James Wright was trying bigspin front board on this rail looking like Porpe on a bad day, no one thought he could even frontside boardslide it. He showed us first try that he's got it. Maybe we'll get the bigspin front board next time.
Skater Profile: James Wright
I bet that's what the real Big Ortiz looks like standing next to us, except the difference is in width, not height. These three were the tech champs in the young division.
Damn, Joey Giambalvo from Nike SB rips, but this kickflip backside wasn't a roll-away today. So, we have another Take a Poop.
Eddie never poops on these backside tailslides. He does bigspin out on them.
Eddie, champ of the grown ups division. Thanks Nike SB for hooking up all Skatepark of Tampa Members with free food, 20% off all SB product, and free skating all day. Membership Appreciation Day is the first Monday of every month.


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