Coastal Carnage 2010 Presented by Converse

Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 by MikeD

Photos and Captions By Mike Derewenko
Footage by Joe Pelham

Finals Footage

Qualifiers Footage

Steve Caballero cruised around all weekend.
Skater Profile: Steve Caballero
I missed the sequence while talking to Duncan, but this 5-0 drop to disaster David Loy did was pretty sick.
Skater Profile: David Loy
The surf sponsors gave out endless amounts of passes while the skateboarders were not given but a handfull. The result was random surf dudes such as this man posted up on the deck with flip flops on.
Brandon Perelson pulls off the Indy fastplant up and over.
Thanks Ben Hatchell for landing this bs 360. No thank you to the dude walking in front of me.
The scene for Best Trick.
The course was
Little kids can skate at nine in the morning. It was gloomy and chilly. You can see morning in their faces.
Schaefer morning face live.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
There were pluses and minuses to being set up downstairs and outside...
Schaefer and Jesse were busy on the mics all day.
It's pretty cool to have the surfing going on right behind you. The waves weren't as big as last year, but the crowd was definitely a lot bigger.
Cab was there skating and Boosh was there interviewing.
Skater Profile: Steve Caballero
Judges deliberate.
"It was a time in my life that I've put behind me."
Weezer draws a crowd. Say it ain't so.
Rattray back lips around the corner.
Skater Profile: John Rattray
Always nice to see Berard out there ripping.
Remillard sails a lofty backside ollie in the corner.
Skater Profile: Tom Remillard
As you can see, Remillard was ripping all weekend. Invert.
Skater Profile: Tom Remillard
Barak and Brian checked people in all day. I listened as the most random people came up looking for credentials. By the way, if you have to show a copy of the magazine you work for to justify your right of entry, you should not be on the deck of a ramp.
Okay, there's a lot going on here, so if you don't immediately see the idiot rollerblading off that jump ramp, it's understandable.
Frank Faria was ripping all day.
Skater Profile: Frank Faria
Knibbs channels some horrible 80's photo effects with a backside ollie into the cradle.
This little rasta kid was killing it, but apparently didn't make the Finals. What's your name little dude?
See, killing it.
Zach Miller and I got off to the wrong foot. He was a little frustrated with the fact that I didn't know who he was and that he was skating in the Contest. Schaefer and his infinite awkwardness additions made it funny though and all was good.
Skater Profile: Zach Miller
Ben Hatchell with a stalefish grab.
Skater Profile: Ben Hatchell
I'm out of remarks to make about airs already, but here's Jaws ollieng the hip again and again and again.
Skater Profile: Aaron Homoki aka Jaws
After last year I guess Bartie came back for more loot. Front smith in the cradle.
Skater Profile: Chad Bartie
Bartie ollie.
Skater Profile: Chad Bartie
Nolan Johnson was doing these laybacks in the corner with Rick Howard looking on. I was watching this guy film Rick Howard just sitting there from like three feet away and it was really uncomfortable for me. I can only imagine how Rick feels in those situations.
Mims live and on the big screen with a feeble fakie in the cradle.
Skater Profile: Neal Mims
Man, I'm so bad with airs, I couldn't even tell you what this is. Regardless, Nilton makes it look good. Is there a reference card or something that exists to decipher airs for the latter generation?
Crowd favorite Curren Caples floats around like a big man. Every year I see this kid, I expect him to be twice the size from last year, but he's still the same size. He's going to hit a spurt and grow a foot in one year. I'm calling it.
Skater Profile: Curren Caples
Brandon Perelson skates fast as s%it too, Jesus. Here, he plants his way out of one ramp and into another. On a side note, we ran into him at Washington Street yesterday and he was ripping.
Skater Profile: Brandon Perelson
I don't really know what's going on here. Somehow Koston was getting his board to stick to the deck.
Back smiths are still one of my favorite transition tricks. This is probably obvious by now. T-Mo's got a good one.
Skater Profile: Tony Miorana
Trujillo was in and out, but he as always was fun to watch.
Skater Profile: Tony Trujillo
Yes, Trujillo was there.
Tom Remillard - $8,000 in a weekend.
Skater Profile: Tom Remillard

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