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Transitions Art Gallery

Posted on Friday, April 4, 2003 by Chris D

Transitions Art Gallery
Statement of Purpose
Skateboarding has always attracted individuals who are creative, resilient, and persistent. They are people that have an ability to visualize and take the necessary steps to see their ideas come to fruition. They are free thinkers that do not resist change, but embrace it. It is no wonder that these individuals also participate in other areas of creative output. Skateboarders have been painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, actors, filmmakers, designers, and musicians.

Within the subculture of skateboarding, there is art being produced that participates within a larger multi-cultural context. The sport has the ability to cross borders and communicate, in spite of linguistic differences. It intermingles and adapts to other subcultures, such as hip-hop and punk, while remaining its own paradigm, employing unique terminologies, techniques, and philosophies. This does not intend, however, that the sport is static; rather, it is in a state of constant flux. It continuously expands and contracts. But every time expansion takes place, something new is added to its repertoire and the sport is reinvented.

To be a skateboarder, you must observe your environment with an acute lens. You are constantly scanning for possibilities that require a sense of adventure. The urban landscape is transformed into a playground allowing you to express yourself freely. This method of gazing and interaction with the world is also true for artists. Although the results are different, the visions and motivations draw from the same energy source. Just as wood, concrete, and steel are the foundations for skateboarding, these elements also resemble the tough and impenetrable spirit of the sport’s practitioners.

It is the purpose of this gallery to provide the public with an opportunity to engage in some of the contributions being made by the people that live as skateboarders and artists. Thus, artists are presented with an occasion to exhibit their work and participate in a dialogue with the culture at large. We seek work that is of high caliber, exuding intellectual activities and craftsmanship. It is time for skateboarding to leave yet another mark upon the world.

Chris Deacon, gallery coordinator

Matt Selego is the new gallery coordinator. He can be reached at


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