Frontside Grind Magazine Covers Old Guy Tuesdays Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Frontside Grind Magazine Covers Old Guy Tuesdays

Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

How often does a stranger come up and introduce themselves while you're skating together in the park? It should be more often. Darrell Gordon did just that and we ended up shooting some photos together. He's never shot skate photos before. Here's that heelflip, Darrell.
You may know JJ from the tats. I don't know what that paragraph on his arm says, but if I got a paragraph of words on my arm at any age under 21, by my age today I'd probably be embarrassed by it. That's a frontside feeble.
Skater Profile: JJ Sharkey
Darrell had these frontside salad grinds turned over as far as they would go. After an hour of near makes, I thought it might be a Take a Poop for my new friend. He rolled away on this one and escaped the toilet.
JJ Sharkey's frontside flip sequence didn't happen in time so he gets the Take a Poop for this session. Next time, buddy.
Skater Profile: JJ Sharkey
This kid's like a live can of Red Bull. Jake Mills just learned backside 50-50's on the rail and everyone in the Park knows it. This loyal lurker is the nicest kid in the building.
Skater Profile: Jake Mills
JJ Sharkey - frontside bluntslide fakie.
Skater Profile: JJ Sharkey
One more rail jump from JJ and it's time to go see what's going on with the old guys in the Bowl. That's a back smith.
Skater Profile: JJ Sharkey
Over at the bowl, there are several Frontside Grind Magazine cover boys putting rails to use. Kyle Randall's boardslide around the corner is a staple. One of these days, we'll actually capture it in good lighting.
Has Brian Schaefer been on the cover yet? I can't remember. It's not easy being the budget ass Jake Phelps.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
There were not enough frontside grinds being done. I'm going to have to start asking people for a photo instead of just trying to background creep. John Party, Chief of Old Guy Tuesdays - not one frontside grind.
Skater Profile: John Paul Grebe aka John Party
Flannels are the standard.
Skater Profile: Levi Combs
Skateboard mathematical fact: your lace loop size is proportional to your wheel size.
Two things that yellow with age: Teeth and 60mm wheels.


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