Nike SB New Tooling on Dunk Soles

Posted on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 by Rob

In January 2011, Nike SB began shipping Dunks with the new retooled soles. Full details on the changes are below. Dunks we stock will be indicated with "NT" in the description for the new tool soles. The classic soles will remain as they've always been on the site.
The new tooling is on the left and the classic is on the right. The first thing you'll notice is the thick tongues on the new tooling.
The toe on the new tooling (left) looks slightly different, too.
The lace protection is also updated. New tooling is on the left and classic is on the right.
What you can't see here is the improvements to the heel that help your foot stay in the shoe. I found a few different Dunks over the years having that crazy heel slipping issue. Good to see the addressed that. New tooling is on the left, classic on the right.
The soles are pretty different. New tooling is on the left, classic on the right. The white area on the new tooling Dunk is a sneak peak into the Phylon midsole running throughout the shoe. This technology helps make the new Dunks lighter and more cushioned than the originals.
Starts in the circle is an update on the new tooling also. Classic is on the right.
Pointing a telescope at the stars on the new tooling.
Toe to toe with the new tooling on the left and classic on the right.
Up close with the new tooling.
Up close with the classic. You can pick up the classic here and the new tooling version here.
As of January 2011, we have two NT Dunks in stock:

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