Old Friends in the Bowl

Posted on Monday, February 7, 2011 by Rob

Rob Meronek

Old friends in many ways, including duration of friendship and age, were in the bowl tonight. It's late after a long workday and longer skate day and the editor of Frontside Grind Magazine doesn't have any energy left to send issues to the press, so all you get is plain old skateboarding pics.
Kevin Coss - blunt fakie. You can find Coss pouring the sauce at the Dubliner in Trampa.
Skater Profile: Kevin Coss
I never really took my bluntslides beyond the parking blocks. Leonard Trubia still has them in the bowls.
Skater Profile: Leonard Trubia
Kyle Randall is right where you should be on a frontside pivot - standing on top of it.
Skater Profile: Kyle Randall
Schaefer probably should stretch before touching toes and nose like that.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Kevin Coss - a nice Florida hurricane.
Skater Profile: Kevin Coss
I remember a commenter saying Phelps called this the Spaghetti Western. I've only ever seen Tony Hawk do it and he didn't have a name for it. Kyle's probably having spaghetti for dinner tonight after this one.
Skater Profile: Kyle Randall
You know how some people try back noseblunt and end up accidentally in the pick? This was no accident. Look at those frames up on the deck. Leonard has these on lock and was trying them to backside revert before one of those session ending slams shut it down. Those kinds of slams scare me at our age.
Skater Profile: Leonard Trubia

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