Curious Mornings Show at Transitions Art Gallery Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Curious Mornings Show at Transitions Art Gallery

Posted on Saturday, February 19, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Last night former former former FSEC member, Alex Bowers and his band Curious Mornings did their first show in Transitions. Alex is on vocals, keys, and synth. Johnny is on drums andprogramming. Kris is on guitar. Thanks for a great show and parking lot lurk session. Find out more about Curious Mornings on their Facebook page.

Afro-Jim and Durbin. Find Durbin and crew at the Jimmy John's downtown. It's like a skate sammich shop now with all the homies working there.
When I bought a CD, I think I might have been the first customer. I overheard some confusion about what to do with the $5 transaction proceeds. I want my $5 bill on the wall in a frame! This is Curious Mornings' first show.
Kris and Nick take full advantage of the Jimmy John's catering hooked up by the homies.
Frontside Grand Magazine Alumni. Wait, has Frosty been on the cover yet? He's overdue.
Skater Profile: Jason Fintel aka Frosty
Thanks for the taps. Heavy metal Parking lot.
AlBow and Mom, ready for the show.
Skater Profile: Alex Bowers
Before the floor fills up, Jacob has a few flat ground tricks.
Skater Profile: Jacob Krajewski
Bowers on keys.
Skater Profile: Alex Bowers

Skater Profile: Alex Bowers
Sorry I had to break out early. I'm heading over to Brian's birthday party at The Bricks. Thanks for the damn good show, ya'll.


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