Tampa Pro 2011 Sequences

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Sheckler and Mike Mo were both trying this amazing fakie ollie to fakie manual to blunt fakie from a stand still position on the decks. Sheckler made his, but I missed it. I also missed Mike Mo's make, but I still wanted to show you the bail. So good.
Now there's a scary one. Matt Miller - nollie over to 50-50 not even going slightly slow.
I saw Shane trying to backside flip out of this bigspin frontside bluntslide. Not sure if he made it, but he had this one every single time.
Anthony Schultz - finally in Tampa Pro.
Ronnie Creager skated the first Tampa Pro. 16 years later, he's still killing it.
Stefan makes the slappy noseslide look good, casual, and fun. Jason Rothmeyer will click "like" on this.
Mario Saenz is from Mexico City - kickflip crook over the border.
Matt Miller - nollie frontside bluntslide.
I wonder what it would look like if Aquil did an airwalk? That's a crazy 360 flip.
Luan's got the switch Austyn Gillette frontside.
Nick Dompierre - back smith back 180 out.
You can find Jud Heald doing upper deckers at every Contest.
Nyjah has some pop on his nollie half cab heelflips.
Chris Troy - crook back 180 every time.
Adam Dyet has some crazy transition skills - kickflip backside grab.
Damn, that's how to frontside flip on a quarter. It was nice to see Mike Peterson skating on Sunday.
That's how your back foot should look when you 360 flip.
Eric Koston - bluntslide.
P-Rod knew he had to step it up in the Finals so he was starting his run with these switch 360 flips.
Zered can ride out a front crook. Check the back toe guidance on the pop out.
When Luan bails these nollie heels, he just about nuts himself in the air because his board keeps rising.
It was after time, but Shane O'Neill made this madness happen in his run - nollie 360 flip front board. Wow.
Nyjah is bringing some new tricks. The kickflip back noseblunt is one of them.
The last trick of the Finals was Torey's backside 360 kickflip. During Best Trick, he later did it with an extra 180 in there. It was coined the Grizzly Flip.

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