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A Few Extra Days in Copenhagen

Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011 by Ryan

By Ryan Clements

After CPH PRO, Rob took off on his own private Euro-trip while a few of us stayed back and did a little extra work. But the work was laid back, exactly in the Copenhagen fashion. And when you can mix the good times into your work, you know you have it made! Thanks to Neal Hendrix and Schaefer for the extra photos.

The day after CPH PRO was one of the most relaxing days of my life. We hung out in the park with an all-star skateboarding cast, drank cold beer, ate delicious food, and skated some great obstacles.
Then on that Monday, Rothmeyer, Schaefer, and I went over to Faelledparken and got our own session in.
Everyone bikes around Copenhagen, just like they do in Amsterdam. I wish I had a bike this cool!
Later that Monday we had to settle for regular old touristy bikes. Rothmeyer and Jenna lead the way.
From a distance, this looked like an amazing spot, but as we approached we noticed that there was just too much room in between the decking to skate this structure.
This is the statue made by Hans Christian Anderson that The Little Mermaid was based upon.
Right around the corner from The Little Mermaid were some old military barracks turned into offices. I can’t really imagine anyone attacking Denmark nowadays.
Churches and smokestacks. My camera obviously sucks, or else I would have gotten a better picture of that amazing church.
Randomly while riding around we ran into Steve Stratton from Volcom and went to Christiania. I don’t have enough time to explain how rad Christiania is to you in this caption, so you should just Google it.
On Tuesday we went over to this music festival called Roskilde to help host a local contest, which was the equivalent to a Sponsored Division at an All Ages at SPoT. Copenhagen Skatepark czar William is not causing any problems with judge Nis.
Before we got busy with the Contest, there was actually an inline demo. Wow. Seriously though, look at that crowd.
Schaefer was lighting it up!
Back tail transfer on the weird BMX obstacle.
Girls are completely nuts at this Roskilde festival. It’s easier to get laid there than at the Red Light District in Amsterdam.
After the Contest, the celebration began/continued. They really know how to enjoy life in Denmark.
And then we ran into this girl. I know that this is Rated R and shouldn’t be on our website, but really, you must see this to make sure that you don’t make the same decision.
This tattoo is on the same girl. Believe it or not, she was actually cute.
This is only a very small portion of the 70,000 people camping at Roskilde.
I was like, “What the hell are those orange things on the trees?” Nis gladly showed me their usage.
Later that night, back in the City, while walking around being tourists, I randomly ran into Floris from Volcom and his wife Jen. They were on vacation. What are the chances?
On Wednesday we met up with Neal Hendrix. I know that looks like some random Euro guy, but it was really Neal.
I skated while Neal and Jenna biked it. There were spots everywhere.
This is called The Best Spot Ever. Of course my terrible camera doesn’t do it justice.
There are amazing skate parks literally everywhere in Copenhagen. This one happens to have the added benefit of being on the water.
Later that day we went back to Roskilde, to join the 70,000 people in attendance. This is the view of the breakdance circle from the top of the vert ramp.
Sam Beckett has been shredding. Here’s an Indy nosebone.
If we could have given out money to the winner of the demo, it would have most definitely gone to Alex Perelson. That was the end of our CPH-experience.
The next morning we flew to Amsterdam and these dead pigs on platters were some of the first things we saw when walking around the city. Apparently it was part of some anti-meat protest.


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