Maloof Money Cup DC Semi-Finals Jams and Live Webcast

Posted on Saturday, September 3, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Heath Kirchart and Brandon Westgate are the two wildcards joining the top 10 from the Qualifiers. They meet the top 12 from Maloof NYC. It's going to be an amazing Semi-Finals. Check out the live webcast and jams below.

Jam 1

Eli Reed
Boston MA
Zoo York, Mountain Dew, Converse, Hubba, Venture, WeSC Clothing, Mob Grip
Jack Curtin
Washington D.C.
DGK, Gold Wheels, LRG, Venture, FTC, Mob Grip, Fallen, Swiss
Sierra Fellers
Whitefish MT
Circa, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels

Jam 2

Anthony Schultz
Carlsbad CA
Brixton, Slave, Active, Spitfire, Thunder, Alchemy
David Bachinsky
Lowell MA
Think, Oakley, Pioneer Skate Shop, Hubba, Venture, FKD, Vox, Dickies
Johnny Layton
Murrieta CA
Toy Machine, Vans, Pig Wheels, Theeve, Vans Appael, Furnace, MOB, Bones Swiss

Jam 3

Bobby Worrest
Krooked, Spitfire, Independent Trucks, Roughneck Hardware, eS Footwear, PitCrew
Brandon Westgate
Wareham MA
Zoo York, Emerica, Venture, Hubba, CCS
Tom Asta
Langhorne PA
Mystery, Fallen, Reign Skateshop, LRG, Spitfire, Thunder, PIIQ

Jam 4

Caswell Berry
San Jose CA
Krux, Osiris, Volcom, Enjoi, Ricta, Bones Swiss, MOB, Tiltmode Army
Ronnie Creager
Orange CA
Blind Skateboards, Etcetera, Tensor, Mob Grip, Bones Wheels
Theotis Beasley
Hawthorne CA
Baker, Nike SB, Altamont, Thunder, Spitfire, Active, Flik Griptape, Ashbury, Mountain Dew, Neff, Bones Swiss, Dakine, Skull Candy, Markisa, Stance Socks, Shake Junt, Meister Watches

Jam 5

Garrett Hill
Vista CA
Zero, Fallen, Theeve, Active, Altamont, Ashbury
Manny Santiago
Lowell MA
Ammo, Famous Stars and Straps, Venture , Hubba, Axion, Pioneers Board Shop, Seige Adio, Quinton
Vincent Alvarez
West Covina CA
Lakai, Chocolate, Spitfire, Royal, Utility Board Supply

Jam 6

Collin Provost
Huntington Beach CA
Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire
Heath Kirchart
Los Angeles CA
Alien Workshop, Emerica Apparel, Emerica, Independent
Pete Eldridge
Pennington NJ
Mystery, Thunder Trucks, Adidas, Mighty Healthy

Jam 7

Andrew Reynolds
Lakeland FL
Baker, Emerica, Independent, Altamont, Nixon, Shake Junt, Pharmacy Skate Shop, Stance
Justin Figueroa aka Figgy
Irvine CA
Active Ride Shop, Independent, Altamont Clothing, Emerica, Baker, OJ Wheels, Shake Junt
Ryan Decenzo
Vancouver B.C. Canada
Darkstar, Globe, Nixon, Dakine, Red Bull, RDS Apparrel, Neff, Bones, Empire Shop, Arnette, Orion Trucks

Jam 8

Bastien Salabanzi
Colombes France
Jart, Rusty, Type S Wheels, Rockstar
Dennis Busenitz
San Francisco CA
Real, Volcom, Spitfire, Thunder, adidas, Utility Board Supply, Water - Drink of the Gods
Greg Lutzka
Milwaukee WI
Darkstar, K-Swiss, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Skull Candy, Ricta, Oakley, Active, Neff, Incipio, Jose Cuervo

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