eS Game of SKATE at SPoT 2011

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Who knows what's really going on with eS, but we're definitely going to keep doing these Games of SKATE. About 120 of you came out to put it down on the flatground...

Joe Pelham's Footage

I was running the caveman scoresheet for the first hour, so I don't have any photos until the end here. By then, PJ Castellano was in the third round switch hardflipping.
Alex Pellegrino - nollie heel.
Jake Mills - 360 shuv between beams.
Parts of Pelham's edit were created with this wang on wheels here.
Justin Atchley - frontside bigspin.
Markus Jalaber - varial heel.
Justin Atchley answers Markus Jalaber with the same varial heel.
David Sylvestry's nollie flip is on defense. If you were there, you know most things on defense today didn't look all too proper. No problem, though, that's how you learn.
Malcom Seaman - nollie heel.
I guess Malcom's going to have a part in that video that's on his shirt. Check the trailer here. That's a switch frontside flip.
Shane with Clem and Body keeping brackets in line.
AJ Ballard is fakie flipping his way to the final bracket.
Gary Sweet - frontside pop shuv.
Gary Sweet - switch flip.
One letter for bailing the fakie flip, another letter for the Euro stanker.
Alex Johnson's double flip took out Anthony Henderson.
We should do brackets for the ro sham bo results, too.
Alex Brawley held in there until the final bracket, too. That's a nollie heel.
Again, defense is not always pretty. That's actually a make that Alex is doing - a nollie backside flip. Or maybe when the nose never leaves the ground it's more like a twirl.
Malcom and his backside flip didn't last against Alex and his backside twirl.
Now that's more like it. Alex Brawley - half cab flip.
Alex again with a nice and popped hardflip.
The gallery of peanuts.
Trey Butler - kickflip.
Alex Johnson - nollie heel.
Trey Butler was hanging on until the near end. That's a nollie flip.
Alex Johnson is ready for the final round.
AJ Ballard on the left was the last one standing. Thanks to everyone that came out for the eS Game of SKATE.

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