Booze Cruise September 2011

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Video by Joe Pelham

Joe Pelham's Footage

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the Booze Cruise last weekend. Joe did a great job of documenting the day turned into late night, especially the footage at the end of everyone getting towed on Clem's bike down Channelside Drive. We'll have another sauced up push around town soon.

We kicked things off at The Bricks, of course.
Leading the pack is Mr DailyBS on Instagram and that thumbs up you see in all The Bricks photos.
Nuccio is such a good cruise road now that it's repaved.
Now we're at the Bro Bowl where everyone's hill bombing in. That's Kevin Zimnock, champ of the skateboard relic.
Alex Bibiloni took some surfer style slams in that thing, but was right back on the wheels.
Dylan Perry doesn't need a cruiser.
DailyBS met with the pavement a couple times, too.
Body paid the pavement price as usual, too.
Panama Jack, thanks for joining us.
Yep, it's that kind of cruise.
The Krooked Zip Zinger is a popular one. You can check all our Cruisers and Longboards here.
Damn, ever seen that happen to cruiser wheels? I think this company had a bad batch.
Regroup for another photo at the Bro Bowl.
We're now strolling through my neighborhood, Downtown. That can only mean one thing: The Hub.
A small sample of the characters at The Hub.
Joe Pelham's video is amazing, especially the end on that huge chain tow on Clem's motorcycle. At this point, I had to bow out due to severe allergies and illness. Damn.

My Phone Footage

Includes a few of those pavement meetings...

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