Boards for Bros Assembly Line

Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Last night there was a volunteer session for putting all the Boards for Bros donated skateboard parts together. We'll be rolling through some local neighborhoods as usual this year in December. Thanks for your support of our charity. If you have questions or hardgoods to donate, email

You can leave any kind of hardgoods you have as a donation - trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and decks.
Looks like some kid here is going to get some new wheels with his.
Sometimes you get lucky and get new trucks.
The assembly line starts with wheels and bearings pressed.
Crusty wheels still make a damn good skateboard.
No idle hands here.
Sometimes you have to just sort through a mess of mismatched stuff.
Thanks to Bullet for sending a full box of new bearings.
Frosty's Dungeon is where everything happens.
Finished work stacked for distribution in December.
Thanks to Independent for the new trucks.
There are plenty more boards to be put together before Santa arrives.

Blind Blind X SPoT Boards For Bros Deck

Blind is backing Boards for Bros, too. Did you know they made a Boards for Bros X SPoT deck?

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