Ragin' Asian Bayview Invasion Day One - Satruday, August 30, 2003

Posted on Sunday, August 31, 2003 by Rob

Ragin' Asian Bayview Invasion
Words and photos by Rob Meronek
Day Two: Saturday, August 30

I just wached the sickest best trick contest I've seen in a while. Ten grand was on the line for the winner. From where I was standing, you can't really tell there's a 12 foot deck on that bank to bank. Some damn good moves thrown down included:

  • Steve Nesser - kickflip melon, pop shuv, varial flip - all over a 12 foot deck with an extra few feet to clear the step up on the other side. A varial flip over that? Damn. Sorry I missed filming it.
  • Harold Hunter - remember that ASR stunt where he almost took his head off on his first trick out? He pulled that move again - first trick out he rolled across the deck and attempted to roll over the step up and down the bank, but instead hung up on the step up and slammed right to flat. That must have sucked - the whole building was laughing after the heckling he got on the mic.
  • Jon Allie - they're not announcing the winners until later tonight at some bar which I'm skipping because I'm a little partied out, but I think it may be either Jon or Steve Nesser. He kickflip back lipped the rail and also killed the hubbas.
  • Alex Trainwreck Gall - he's a possible winner also. He only skated maybe the first ten minutes of the 45 minute jam, but he came out swinging with back tails to fakie on the hubbas, switch front boards on the rail, and switch 50-50's on the rail, which was supposed to be square but ended up being round which made it pretty scary.
  • Corey Duffel - wow, he rips for a trashy white dude. He's another possible ten grand winner. After doing pop shuv frontside 5-0's on the hubba, kickflip frontside 50-50's on the hubba, and gigantic crail grab ollies over the whole thing, he spent the remainder of the time attempting kickflip frontside 50-50's on the rail.
  • The Natural Concept dude - sorry, can't remember his name. That sucks because I've actually hung out with him - I have a bad problem with names that I need to get fixed right away. Anyway, he did stuff like backside 180 melon grabbing the whole thing and almost killed himself attempting to Sal flip the thing.
Hair style update: Bryan Herman shaved his head. Evan Hernandez has a huge ass fro. Mic-e Reyes still has the Backstreet Boys cut.

That's about it for today. I'm writing this while being slammed around in Brian's truck on the road to Deluxe so I can upload these photos and video for you nerds. Enjoy.

Oops, nevermind, no one was at Deluxe or the Thrasher offices at 8pm on Saturday. The SOTY video premiere and parting is going down at this bar called Slims. We're skipping that for now and going to eat.

That sentence above was written last night at about 8pm. It's now Sunday morning at about 11am and I'm at the Deluxe offices uploading the photos and video that you're looking at right now. About five or six hours ago, I was still holding it down at some after party/bar I ended up at which I now wish I definitely didn't do.

Today some kind of shop owner/buyer contest is going down which sould be pretty fun. If I can get this bad hangover to go away I might just skate in that.

One last irrelevant to skateboarding point: Deluxe has some kind of restriction on their network for accessing popular skateboarding sites, including this site, which is part of the reason this story's a day late. I attempted to pull some crazy workaround to get the photos and video put in the database, but I'm over it now. Check out photos and video when I get back to the comfort of home on Monday. Ok, nevermind. I just figured out a way through. Can you tell I don't ever edit what I write? What? Did I just spit out that nerdy crap? Like you care - whatever - blah. I'm going to get off this keyboard, catch up with everyone, and go have some fun.

Jon Allie - lipslide on the rail while Mic-e Reyes poses casual for BGP's

Lindsey Robertson - heelflip front board fakie

Jon Allie was coming pretty damn close to pulling a kickflip backside noseblunt. Jake Phelps, the editor of Thrasher, repeatedly called this trick a kickflip frontside noseslide. Hmm. I guess he's not writing the captions for Thrasher.

Jon Allie - kickflip back lip, or was it a kickflip backside noseblunt attempt? Can't remember.

Jon Allie, Darrel Stanton, and Corey Duffel. In a few days, watch for random teenage girls posting their email addresses all for the love of Corey.

Jake Nunn - backside 180 nosegrind

Jim Grey on his signature move - the Jim Jam. You have to be as old as me to know that trick.

Evan Hairnandez - kickflip board

Geoff Rowley - backside nosegrind

Emerick Pratt - kickflip melon 50-50

Darrell Stanton - nollie frontside noseslide

Dennis Busenitz - front board

Corey Duffel - pop shuv 5-0

Darrell Stanton - backside overcrook

Too bad the time wasn't extended on Best Trick. Corey Duffel was coming very close to sticking these kickflip frontside 50-50 attempts on the rail.

Corey Duffel - kickflip frontside 50-50

Chad Fernandez - another one he needed a little more time to make - fakie flip lipslide attempt

Chad Fernandez could have made this 360 flip lipslide attempt if there was a little more time
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Chad Fernandez - back lip

Chad Fernandez - frontside 5-0 GRIND

Bryan Herman - kickflip frontside 50-50 on the hubba

Dustin Dollin got worked pretty hard on this gap kickflip 50-50 attempt. He later made it for $200 but I missed it.

Alright, as soon as I remember this guy's name, I'm going to feel like a complete idiot. It's stuck on the tip of my tounge. Natural Koncept dude - HUGE backside 180 melon.

Peter Ramondetta - front board

Alex Trainwreck Gall - backside 5-0

Alex Trainwreck Gall - frontside 180 to flat

Chad Fernandez came pretty close to making this fakie flip lipslide before time ran out

Corey Duffel - kickflip frontside 50-50 on the hubba
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Darrell Stanton pulled a lot of hard tricks first try like this backside over crook on the rail

Darrell Stanton - front board

Darrell Stanton - nollie frontside noseslide

Dennis Busenitz lives downstairs from Brian Schaefer in San Francisco - that's cool as hell. This is Dennis doing a frontside tailslide.