Schedule for Clash of the Crews

Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012 by Rob

Friday Night
  • 5pm – Free skating for contestants
  • 6pm - Free BBQ for contestants
  • 9am – Doors open
  • 11am – Contest starts
    • 30 invited teams
      • 4 skaters per team (This used to be 5, but is now changed.)
      • Top 3 scores on your team are averaged for your team's final score
      • 1 pro permitted
      • If pro is not currently on your roster, they are not permitted entry
      • 1 additional owner/manager permitted to skate – must be over 30
    • 5 minute jams
    • 3 minutes in between each jam
    • Top 8 teams qualify for finals
  • Finals
    • Single elimination brackets
    • Head to head
    • Winner advances
  • Awards
    • Purse
      • 1st – $1,000
      • 2nd – $750
      • 3rd – $500
      • 4th – $350
      • 5th – $250
  • Product Toss
Saturday Night
  • 8pm – After Party at The Bricks
    • 1327 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33605, 813-247-1785

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