Early Morning on Black Friday 2011 Presented by Vans

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

You know those places like roller skating rinks that have all night lock-ins? We pretty much had the opposite of that. Yep, it was a lock-out. We opened the doors at 7am this morning, but there were people here as early as 8pm the night before. Thanks to everyone who waited overnight and hung out to skate and shop today with us on a nice Black Friday morning after turkey blasting ourselves.

SPoT local Brandon Rodriguez here was first in line. You would be too if you had a Slipknot shirt and could get a new one for just $5.
The all night card games actually look kind of fun. They were still running strong at 6am.
The sun is rising on these overnighters.
Just after 6am, the line started to wrap around the building and go to the back fence.
Everyone should have backed their cars in and had a tailgate party.
When the doors finally opened at 7am, we let everyone come through in groups. It was much less chaotic like that.
The $25 boards got snapped up quick.
Brandon waited all night and ended up grabbing this $50 cruiser. He's never had one. His ADHD is going to skyrocket from its already stratospheric levels.
A bit of chaos at the $5 shirt table.
Stacking gear.
And of course, there was free skating going on all day. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. The sale is gong on all weekend long online.

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