Tampa Am 2011 Thursday Welcome to Town Party

Posted on Monday, December 5, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I don't want it to be over, so all week long, I'm going to be sharing my photos from the Tampa Am weekend here. The Thursday night Welcome to Town Art Show and Party seems like it was already so long ago.

You may have noticed that Clements and a few others had a mic and camera in their faces the entire weekend. Some friends of ours are making a pilot out of this weekend.
Check the footage on the Digital site to see what's going on right here.
There was so much good art at very reasonable prices on the walls. All the proceeds went directly to benefit Boards for Bros, Skatepark of Tampa's charity.
Thanks to all the artists that contributed. I liked Michael Sieben's piece.
Just a short time after the doors opened, there were already several pieces marked as sold.
Porpe and Brittany are ready for Tampa H.A.M.
Kevin Coss is here for the bowl.
Myles isn't some Movember noob to the hair lip game.
Kyle Randall's cameras were the talk of the show.
Kyle's photo of Schaefer got turned into a piece.
Pat Stiener and Fernando Soares, who is back in town from San Francisco for the weekend.
I should have gone over and shot some Frontside Grind Magazine covers, but that never happened. The Bowl Jam was raging as usual.
Most people raged the open bar, though.
Myles bought the piece dedicated to his upper lip style.
When great work is that cheap, you pick up multiple pieces.
Casey had all the sit down jobs this weekend.
Dan Drehobl and Lance Conklin, thanks for hanging out all weekend.
Schaefer with a first time Tampa Am visitor. We're just as hyped as he is even after nearly two decades of doing this.
Tom's got a Chet Childress piece.
Tom, Bobby, and Josh, already ready to go Tampa H.A.M.
Porpe cleaned up.
Zach is going to get his Chet piece signed by the man himself this weekend. Thanks everyone for joining us on the first night of Tampa Am 2011.

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