Boards for Bros 2011: First Distribution

Posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek
Footage by Joe Pelham

Our friend Andreas works with kids in an outreach program and told us about a gathering he was having in Robles Park last Saturday with some kids from the area. We figured it was a good time to unload a bunch of Boards for Bros completes at once. We dug through the pile of boards we put together from our assembly lines earlier this year and it was on.
Santa's ready for delivery.
It was a swarm before they even knew there was a truckload of skateboards in there. Kids were tripping when they saw Santa driving around their neighborhood.
It's amazing how everyone who doesn't skate, from your mom to little kids, instantly go for the mall grab when holding a skateboard.
I wonder whose old boards those were? They're brand new to these kids.
You can check out HiDefJoe's new homies and the video he made from today right here.
Porpe's got a mean hood push. There was a small grass gap right where we stopped.
I like this photo. Lil' homies that hopefully will grow up and still be skating together when they're your dad's age like Schaefer, Clements, and I.
We got to hang out and skate with these kids for a bit, too. Coolest kids out. Thanks for welcoming us into your neighborhood and letting us film and shoot photos. We'll be back soon.

HiDefJoe's Footage: Boards for Bros 2011: First Distribution

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