Tampa Tourist Mission: Downtown and Channelside Cruiser Board Tour

Posted on Friday, January 13, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

How many tourist missions have we had in all these towns around the world? I love all this time back in Tampa before travel madness starts up again in the spring. It's time for a tourist mission in our own town. Downtown in my neighborhood. I took the cruiser board and my big fat camera for a stroll through and came back with this chill cam dump.

I'm still waiting for the day I actually get a ticket for riding my cruiser board in Curtis Hixon. I've already gotten one just pushing along on the sidewalks of downtown. I passed by a lot of cops tonight. Maybe they've mellowed out.
This sure makes our crusty little city look fancy. That's the Tampa Museum of Art.
A whole lotta holes.
If I had enough money for four years of education at this expensive joint here and I knew what I know today, I'm not sure I'd go. The day I graduated from one of these canned learning institutions, I thought I was the smartest dude out. It took several years to realize I was an idiot for thinking that. Oh well, college works for a lot of people. Maybe it will for you. That's University of Tampa.
In case you want to sit around and watch weird TV, the city has this thing here in Curtis Hixon.
A nice Florida manhole cover.
When you get older, and possibly bored, you might have a date night here.
It's like Christmas all year long with the lights on this building. This used to be called the Performing Arts Center. I used to love caveman boardsliding the rails out front way back in the day.
This old abandoned building downtown is called the Kress building. It's amazing inside and needs to be restored into hipster haven or something.
One of the oldest businesses I know of down here besides The Hub, Paramount Wigs.
It's not easy with the white balance when you're shooting at night. I couldn't get this one right and the Tampa Theater lights are looking neon green. They're really yellow. Must be a damn good field trip going on right now inside.
People that party and eat dinner at 3:30am after the bars close are super hyped on Taco Bus opening in downtown. See you there.
Welcome to Florida.
Dylan Rieder should come to Tampa and end his video part again.
Who cares what's on the building, it's still called the Ice Palace Gap.
The Trolley sucks. You can run faster than this stupid thing can get you from downtown to Ybor.
Bombing garages on a cruiser board is nice and quiet.
Damn, what is this beast for?
I can only imagine the arty hipsterism going down in here.
The newer part of downtown.
This tiny little venue on the corner was probably running the scene before any of us were around. I wonder what the history is.
A stroll through the Ice Palace.
Another OG downtown Tampa business. Okay, next time will be a roll through on a real skateboard. Tampa Tourist mission complete.

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