Friday Afternoon Locals

Posted on Friday, January 20, 2012 by Rob

You can find Jacob anywhere from Innetech to Frosty's Dungeon helping out around the Park. Half cab 5-0 up, nice and quick hangup in.
Aaron is more than a Friday afternoon local, he's official Loyal Lurker of 2011. His heelflips are getting more and more solid.
When your heelflips are solid, you can move up to backside. Bolts put downs are nice, but I like the landings on backside 180's that end up with a bit of a heel hanger on the nose like Aaron's here.
Welcome Ramante Cooper as a new local. He just moved here and bought a Membership at SPoT today. Nice to meet you, Ramante. I'll get the focus better next time on this front feeble.
Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, we have the OG of locals, Brian Schaefer, about to roll two wheels to Orlando for the grand closing of the Vans Park over there.
Schaefer is joined by Justin, the chief of Innetech inventory slangin'.
Actually, it's a full biker gang including Ryan Clements, Holly, and Jenna. I don't ride bikes, so I wonder if calling them a "biker gang" is like some jackass non-skateboarder calling us "skater dudes" or some crap. That reminds me, have you seen this video going around today: $h!t Non-Skaters Say to Skaters. Hilarious.
Nik in the Shop is making the Grip Tape Ball look light carrying it like that. Have a good weekend y'all. Tomorrow night at The Bricks is the Photo Album + Record Sale Show. See you there if you're making it.

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