Dave Hackett Bio Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Dave Hackett Bio

Posted on Friday, January 27, 2012 by Rob

Dave “Hackman” Hackett (born David Jude Hackett on November 12, 1960) from Malibu, California is one of innovators and pioneers of professional skateboarding. He is, according to peers, one of the most stylish and influential Skateboarders in the World.

An extremely versatile rider, Dave won the 1975 Hang Ten World Championship Jr. Men’s’ Title at 15, and the 1978 US Open Men’s Bowl and Pool Riding competition held at Kona Skatepark. “HACKMAN” as is Bros call him, holds the Record for completing Tony Hawk’s “Loop of Death”.

Dave was an early pioneer of Extreme Skateboard stunts, and one of the first skateboarders to successfully blast airs out of empty swimming pools and transfer radical surf moves from the water to the land. In 1979, Hackett starred in the first Action Sports TV show “HotShots” with Overall World Champion Tony Alva and in 1983 was the first to complete a 3 car jump (lengthwise) for a motion picture in Hong Kong using the first rocket powered skateboard!

In 2003 Hackett was chosen by Juice magazine as one of the 50 Most Influential Skateboarders in the World. In 2005 Hackett formed the Skateboard Racers Association; (SRA), designing and sanctioning professional skateboard races around the globe.

At the 2005 at the European Championships in Stockholm Sweden, Hackett was the first and only racer to beat the legendary World Champion; Italian Luca Giamarco to take the European TS Skateboard Racing title.

Hackett is considered by the specialized media as one of skateboarding’s true pioneers and legends. He has been featured in just about every single book of Skateboardings’ history and in several major skateboard films and movies including the Multi-award winning film “DogTown and Z-Boyz”. In 2006, at age of 46, David set the World Record for being the “Oldest Pro” to do Tony Hawk’s Infamous “Loop of Death” – Blowing the minds of young and older surfers and skateboarders around the world.

In 2008, former Skateboarder Magazine editor Sean Mortimer included Dave Hackett in his new best selling skateboarding book; “StaleFish” highlighting the experience’s of 16 of the World’s most influential Skateboarders and to this day, he can be seen in magazines such as The Skateboard Mag, Concrete Wave, and Thrasher.

In 2011, Dave beat Colon Cancer and Started a new company www.AerialActionSports.com with his friends & partners Randy and John and together they make ZTUNTZ ZKATEBOARDZ, BLACK LEATHER RACING, and MALIBU SURFSKATES!


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