etnies Demo Benefiting Boards for Bros

Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2012 by Rob

Photos by Rob Meronek and Nate Ilardi
Video by HiDefJoe and Rob Meronek

DJ Nuzzo wanted to see how his big flips were looking, so he asked me for a sequence. Here you go DJ. If you want a sequence on the site, just hit me up next time you see me on the street course with my camera in hand. I'm down for anything big or small or hard or easy. If you're psyched on it, we'll shoot it. Maybe put a shirt on though. Ha, just kidding. Sort of.
Fellow lens nerd Nate Ilardi was using my gear while I skated for a bit. The camera was full of sequences of his brother Jake. This 540 was one of them.
Chuckie, welcome to The Mag! Is he the youngest cover so far?
Sheckler's crooked grind pop-over is also shot by Nate.
Cairo was killing it out there. That's a frontside 180 nosegrind.
Ryan Pearce's backside nosegrinds up the escalator were smooth, stylish, and through all kinds of traffic.
I think once kids put their helmets on, they don't take them off until they go to bed. This kid just rolls up and bows to get Sheckler's autograph to the dome.
Girls of all ages are fans of Sheckler.
Wit E Beats' daughter Laina was a little intimidated when I asked Ryan to pick her up for the photo. We settled on a piggy back ride. Thanks, Ryan!
It's a rare addition to the Superstars column on
Free burgers and dogs smoked everyone out. Thanks for your Boards for Bros donations.
This little dude and his proportionately sized board and baseball lid was going for it all afternoon. Momma was backing it.
Cairo picked some of his favorite moves and gave out etnies shoe certificates.
Ah, forgot the name - back smith. Update: That's Wyatt Nguyen.
Sam McGuire, Ryan Sheckler, Cairo Foster, and Ryan Pearce - thanks for coming to the Park and spending the afternoon with us.
Here's another one from Nate - Barney Page with a feeble frontside 270 out.
Okay, one more from Nate's brother getting all vertical on us.

Footage from HiDefJoe

Swept Off My Feet By Ryan Sheckler

I also have another one of my cell phone edits for you. As usual it's more from the chill/hangout angle. My niece Jasmine and Wit E Beats' daughter Laina were excited to meet Ryan, so of course I had to tease them a little before introducing him: Ryan Sheckler Swept Me Off My Feet at Skatepark of Tampa. Thanks Ryan for putting up with our silly antics. "Rob Meronek's Cell Phone Edits" are getting so legit. You should see the blockbuster trailer. I mean this is like more serious than Frontside Grind Magazine. A webiste, a magazine, a show, and soon a full length movie? My media empire is almost complete.

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