Phoenix Am 2012 Qualifiers and Finals Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Phoenix Am 2012 Qualifiers and Finals

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012 by Porpe

By Porpe

HiDefJoe has proper filming attire and form in this photo.
Tommy Werner - 270 frontside ollie to switch backside 5-0.
I heard through the great vine that Auby Taylor is sitting on a NBD on Hollywood 16. Here he has a fatty to flatty.
Tilted Kilt girls are serving some free food. I would show you a photo of the food, but I think you would rather see these girls.
Ethan Loy - front blunt crailslide.
Dylan Perry has already done the best trick I have seen on this obstacle with a backside tailslide. He decided to up the ante with a backside noseblunt.
Curren Caples - backside lipslide around the keyhole.
Ryan Reyes - no comply crailslide.
Ray Ray - fakie smith 180 out.
I forgot this dudes name, but Clements was telling me he is from Jersey. He was killing it with this ollie over the giant loveseat.
On my way out of the park, I got sucked into the Volcom RV party tornado. I can only hope it continues throughout the night for The Growlers, Radio Mascow, No Age, and The Goat show at Yucca Tap Room.
I showed up the next day to the Contest fully hungover, due to the fact that the party tornado went long into the night. Clements left the bar early so he could be on his A game to announce the live webcast with Andrew Cannon.
Auby Taylor stepped it up during the Finals with this kickflip over the Best Trick obstacle.
After watching Taylor McClung skate this past weekend, I am officially a fan. He has a big bag of tricks, and makes it all look too easy, including this frontside feeble grind during his final run.
I know I am bias, due to the fact that Dylan is my homie and rides for SPoT, but I feel like he should have gotten some kind of money for this giant frontside flip.
I know this is not the best sequence ever, but it does show the winning trick. Jack Olson - frontside nosegrind nollie flip out.
Jack got 1st in Best Trick and 3rd in the Contest. He walked away with $3500. I would be cheesing just as hard if I just won all that money. Congrats Jack!
Second year in a row that Ben Hatchell wins Phoenix Am. I wonder when Jamie will turn him pro?

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