Vans iPhone Case Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans iPhone Case Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2012 by Rob

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "degch870" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. degch870. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing. Watch for another DPT real soon.

degch8: Gaydar is a great app to tell you what side of the street people like to walk on 04/05/12 03:52 AM
sunkis: This case makes me want to hurt newborns. 04/05/12 12:13 AM
gapach: Instagram 04/05/12 04:54 PM
Noah_r: Umhhh my iPhone is cracked. So like lemme cop this. 04/04/12 04:43 PM
Johnny: Tampa pro 2012, best one ever... Even 3 tooth willy had fun 04/04/12 03:00 PM
erictm: Scramble with Friends yooooooo! 04/05/12 02:49 AM
chasen: did you hear about the 3 nuts that got arrested? one of them got aSALTED 04/05/12 01:32 AM
mrmezm: The waffle sole rules! 04/04/12 02:43 PM
devino: 04/04/12 04:21 PM
janet_: my favorite iphone app is instagram i use it all the time 04/04/12 05:41 PM
knobbl: Since I dont have the money to afford new shoes for me, it'd be cool to get a new shoe for my iPhone ;) 04/04/12 02:45 PM
cactus: I thought I was gonna win the mega millions last week, and I didnt. Maybe I will win this sick iPhone case this week. 04/04/12 03:03 PM
ducatt: My favorite iphone app is The Bible 04/05/12 10:04 AM
Msbart: More Toast fulfills all of your digital hunger needs. Get crazy with the combinations! 04/04/12 07:41 PM
dfsfl2: i need the waffle grip on my phone so it stays securely to the bar 04/05/12 12:06 AM
dhornb: Chin Up 04/04/12 02:43 PM
Jsirag: You know lil Wayne? You must feel important. 04/04/12 03:03 PM
Eric.s: Down for life 04/04/12 05:50 PM
rquint: iBrate = my phone is better at sex than I am. 04/04/12 11:47 PM
clemar: instagram forever. 04/04/12 04:12 PM
tylerd: Instagram is my life! Ive been looking for one of these for freaking ever. 04/05/12 01:16 PM
tfwags: genius. star map 04/04/12 03:15 PM
barl0w: yeah!!! keep your phone stuck to the table!! 04/05/12 02:10 AM
allbor: Instagram because it is now for android too. No, i want that thing because im searching for so long for that case for my girlfriend 04/04/12 07:16 PM
Mikemy: Twitter! 04/04/12 09:08 PM
orland: I GOTTA GET THIS!!!! SO DOPE!! SPOT IS THE BEST! 04/04/12 04:50 PM
chrism: Bitch my balls soo saggy. 04/05/12 12:55 AM
ricky4: shot-o-matic ... cant go wrong with a app that picks shots when you shake your phone 04/05/12 11:17 AM
Youngg: 04/04/12 06:49 PM
Jaysol: If I win this... Il buy out the entire shop :) 04/04/12 04:47 PM
myxeme: i told a friend that IG is on droid now. he said "great, now i have to see sheetty pictures of what poor people eat." buh-doom-puh-chhhhhhhh. 04/04/12 04:02 PM
Namead: Stay classy 04/04/12 03:12 PM
aslanm: I was skating down the the sidewalk looking at my phone and i ran into a sign. check my pics lol 04/04/12 02:57 PM
Rebecc: Instagram 04/04/12 03:48 PM
Langst: Tweetbot. For my twitters. 04/04/12 02:55 PM
I2iipp: Instagram 04/05/12 04:12 PM
mewile: Ill put it on my Droid, I don't care... 04/04/12 05:34 PM
underw: Show some love to a former Florida loc now living up north! 04/04/12 06:14 PM
uncles: Am I automatically disqualified because I work at the skatepark? If I win this, Im going to buy a 4s. 04/04/12 03:02 PM
Closrm: If youre looking for a good laugh I suggest you download the FML app! 04/04/12 03:29 PM
iluvth: Sex Offender Locator 04/04/12 03:50 PM
Bernar: Gnar, now I can use my hand to skate my phone! 04/04/12 03:41 PM
Tyler.: Pussy poppin on a handstand. 04/04/12 03:20 PM
stephe: give me a grip 04/04/12 10:08 PM
anorca: my phone is getting worked and I need the waffle cone protection! 04/04/12 04:47 PM
mattdu: foot fetish 04/05/12 05:17 AM
stephe: I come to all your events, and vans is my favorite brand. I just bought red vans from the SPOT about 2 weeks ago. SPOT is the sheet!!!! 04/04/12 03:11 PM
tylerl: I think Im going to have to go with theChive App. An app full of babes, laughs, and daily afternoon randomness. Hook it up ROB! 04/04/12 02:45 PM
Yoffe.: Snookis kid is due 12/21/12- end of the world? 04/04/12 03:38 PM
deirdr: Toss one my way!! :-) I like all the apps 04/04/12 10:29 PM
gamema: the app yummy 04/04/12 09:53 PM
Austin: Vans: house of vans 04/04/12 03:16 PM
camden: STHILL NO PICKLESSZ 04/04/12 03:07 PM
luisbe: My favorite iPhone app is prob angry birds....saved me from bordum plenty of times 04/04/12 02:52 PM
Buzy28: Now my phone can smell like a old pair of vans 04/04/12 10:27 PM
Comacu: My favorite app is the one that cooks for me, does my laundry, and blows me, its called iWife 04/04/12 02:57 PM
herdes: NEED this ISH! Rob, Ive shattered at least 4 phones. - L Colombo 04/04/12 03:18 PM
skatec: my favorite app, is that one app.. you know that one app that everyone wants but no one can figure it out...skateboarding...hahaha 04/04/12 05:36 PM
carron: Vans Sk8 Pool Service... duh! 04/04/12 02:47 PM
markdr: 1-Bit NINJA bc its True. 04/04/12 04:15 PM
Duncan: I would love a cans case for my iPhone, since Im always breaking those crappy ones, love the waffle soles! I have one nailed to my wall :) 04/04/12 03:45 PM
Wzopff: Why did the hipster burn his tongue? Because he drank coffee before it was cool 04/04/12 03:15 PM
Bmw_13: My favorite iPhone app is the SocialCam app, Its awesome to be able to watch your favorite pros skating on the spot or just in everyday life 04/04/12 04:01 PM
xhopew: Ow my balls one hell of a fun app and vary funny 04/05/12 01:12 AM
c.saft: Favourite iPhone app would be Stick Skater! 04/04/12 05:14 PM
dawson: Amplitube 04/04/12 07:01 PM
da.aba: A comment? well i hope that with this sick ass case onmy phone grips as nice as vans shoes to everywhere so my phone does not smash an brake 04/04/12 03:09 PM
geeeoh: instagram 04/04/12 02:56 PM
laserp: looks tight 04/04/12 02:40 PM
bscull: i missed out on tampa pro. i suck 04/04/12 03:00 PM
Lopez8: Ive spent all of my money at spot since I was in 7th grade. And Ill even come pick this up on Friday. And bring donuts. 04/04/12 03:30 PM
agbeil: Favorite iPhone app is the Tampa Bay Lightning app. Keeps me up to date with everything Bolts! 04/04/12 02:42 PM
Babyca: So, I recently bought a pair is the band flip flops deciding that I was going to try to make my own iPhone case with them. Fail. 04/04/12 04:17 PM
fahmy2: Touchgrind. Days where you feel like a kid 04/05/12 02:16 PM
ELJARA: My phone is always on the ground so waffle grip just makes sense. 04/05/12 11:10 AM
tony_c: whether or not I win , SPoT is still the best 04/04/12 03:16 PM
mhmari: blue waffle? 04/04/12 02:45 PM
r.pisc: Dactyl. that game was so awesome. the one with the bombs. does anyone even play that anymore... :( 04/04/12 02:42 PM
alexbo: instagram is way bomb 04/04/12 03:17 PM
tnorst: Spotify! Music is important! 04/04/12 06:49 PM
outoft: can i win please please please please please please 04/05/12 08:56 AM
extrem: 04/05/12 02:25 PM
quarto: step on my phone. 04/04/12 11:16 PM
Jshiu9: I like turtles :) 04/05/12 12:05 PM
randyb: 04/05/12 01:29 PM
Eholso: Rat on a snowboard!!!! 04/04/12 04:00 PM
mniebo: damn i REALLY want one of these! 04/05/12 10:58 AM
Auburn: Please pick me, Im off the wall for vans!! And I enter every toss! Im a huge supporter of SPoT!! 04/05/12 07:58 AM
skateu: My favorite apps are instagram, twitter, and ifunny download ifunny if you dont have it it's hilarious! 04/04/12 03:20 PM
Matt@w: Taxi Magic. Locates my drunk ass every time and gets me home safely. 04/04/12 03:35 PM
grime_: dayum i gotta get my phone lookin like my kicks 04/05/12 02:22 PM
Djcmac: Favorite iPhone app would have to be Mad Decent. 04/04/12 03:06 PM
sstarr: Dang! If only I had saved all of Brandons old shoes, I could've made a fortune on iPhone cases! A little behind with the brilliant ideas... 04/04/12 04:56 PM
jeremy: Skatepark of Tampa, will you go to prom with me? 04/04/12 04:20 PM
6210@c: instagram!!!! 04/04/12 02:42 PM
stefan: im getting the new i phone this week, this would be perfect! 04/04/12 03:37 PM
benwag: need this for my nokia 04/04/12 02:50 PM
calebs: That would make my phone very comfortable! 04/05/12 01:56 PM
Delane: My favorite app is a tossup with socialcam instagram or tweetbot. Gotta keep up on skate life 04/04/12 06:04 PM
tone00: instagram 04/04/12 04:16 PM
grant9: hopefully this waffle wont burn my iPhone! 04/04/12 07:39 PM
jsalil: i bet its just as hard to clean dog turds out of the back of it 04/04/12 03:45 PM
gunner: I bought my grandma sbs for her birthday. She loves them (: 04/04/12 03:26 PM
xolind: 04/04/12 10:59 PM
kevin.: My favorite iPhone app has to be Instagram! Its such a cool photo blog! DOPENESS 04/05/12 01:23 AM
garry.: Im wearing Vans shoes, shirts, shorts and socks. Pretty much a vans whore. Hook me up with the case so I can be "that guy". 04/04/12 03:05 PM
oldver: ! 04/04/12 02:41 PM
curtis: thats hilarious! 04/04/12 07:12 PM
andico: caller id faker 04/04/12 06:48 PM
Dagman: Damn howd you guys get your hands on one of these, sheets expensive as hell on eBay. Also nice joke about the Lil Wayne buying the Spot lol 04/04/12 05:27 PM
hlfrdl: yepp 04/04/12 03:19 PM
robmer: How many people are going to put Instagram here? 04/04/12 02:35 PM
Jackkc: Awesome! What a badass idea! 04/04/12 04:22 PM
nmeist: ill matic skate products! and the biggest supporters of skating ever 04/04/12 07:00 PM
bradle: Instagram 04/04/12 08:16 PM
George: Shiffy five. Oh yeahhhhh Mercia hate them forerins love them USA people. And I would like this case caz I dont have one. Vans rules!!!!! 04/04/12 06:13 PM
suppa5: waffle is like a pancake with syrup traps. 04/04/12 04:18 PM
edward: Ive been looking all over Northern California for this case! It would mean the world if I could get this case. 04/04/12 10:23 PM
mrsanf: My health professor made an ocular herpes joke today, people looking for love in all the wrong places... 04/04/12 03:54 PM
sruona: My favorite app is Instagram, because it allows me to post sepia-tone pictures of my gripatpe and ledges I find. 04/04/12 02:41 PM
lu.kei: Pandora 04/05/12 04:22 AM
donnel: Is it vulcanized? I want this even though its for my sisters iphone. 04/04/12 02:58 PM
Dgdani: A horse walks into a bar. Just kidding, horses arent allowed in bars, lol 04/04/12 02:55 PM
alecks: Instagram! 04/04/12 07:33 PM
Sk8ncr: Angry birds space. Most dope 04/04/12 10:26 PM
Milkdu: Socialcam app. Where u share videos! Sooo cool! 04/04/12 03:30 PM
lanahu: gimme that case fools. my phone is naked. 04/05/12 02:17 PM
nunges: the birds mayne 04/05/12 12:12 AM
peterh: please please please! 04/05/12 02:16 PM
ilsech: i hope i win the goods :) 04/04/12 06:08 PM
richar: Instagram 04/04/12 02:42 PM
biz@ga: I photograph the product tosses so I never get much free swag. Would love a new case :) 04/04/12 09:18 PM
timmyk: Robots are taking over the world 04/05/12 10:30 AM Instagram 04/04/12 04:14 PM
tyniet: i told the doc i had a weak back, he asked me when it happened. i told him about a week back 04/04/12 06:33 PM
bmored: i wonder if i can use this case with my fueltv app 04/04/12 09:33 PM
tillma: these are sick! 04/04/12 04:18 PM
michae: could really use this, love shopping at the spot BEST MERCHANDISE 04/05/12 09:06 AM
garygo: Awesome! 04/04/12 03:33 PM
mass.v: waffle soles all day... 04/05/12 11:48 AM
benb45: i need this 04/05/12 09:51 AM
Lpesca: Instagram! 04/04/12 02:49 PM
handst: Been wearing vans for over 20 years its about time my phone for a pair... 04/04/12 02:55 PM
cs2521: A Waffle for your sole, yes please! 04/04/12 11:24 PM
dave.d: I promise I wont put syrup on it and eat it... I think... It does look like it'll fit in my toaster... OK, I might eat it. 04/04/12 02:47 PM
schwan: 04/04/12 05:01 PM
tauhid: NIGGAS IN PARISSSSS 04/05/12 12:07 PM
sneak.: PICK ME!! LOL I GOT SPOT TATTED ON ME im so "SPOT LIFE" for life lol 04/04/12 03:36 PM
arena.: My favorite app is mike v: do or die skateboarding 04/04/12 02:57 PM
Powerr: Like I could really use this Vans case! My iPhone 4s has a cracked screen for Jammin out loud to music while skating. Only had it 4 3 months 04/05/12 12:30 AM
ianb@b: dubset radio app 04/04/12 04:00 PM
xvluis: I want it so bad D: 04/05/12 09:46 AM
Nskate: My iPhone is naked and I cant pick up women with a naked iPhone! Trust me I have tried. 04/04/12 11:22 PM
Gchild: Skate qnd destroy!!! Ventura repp 04/04/12 03:03 PM
sk8ord: instagram!!!!!!! 04/04/12 02:50 PM
b1gd36: instagram going ham!! 04/05/12 10:30 AM
husker: When i sit on the toilet at work Temple Run and Touch Grind keep it coming out smooth. 04/04/12 02:43 PM
sean.r: The THPS2 app. That game is still so much fun and kills the time in between going to skate! 04/04/12 02:44 PM
poseys: this sheet look like a shoe. gotta have it on the phone 04/05/12 02:20 PM
parkcr: 04/04/12 03:04 PM
TR1152: iBrate - ill leave the rest to your imagination. 04/04/12 06:55 PM
Prodsk: All about the Instaa 04/05/12 12:01 AM
markmo: Ive been trying to get this case for so long, i found one on ebay for 150 but dont have that kind of money. Id love to have one! 04/04/12 09:46 PM
Billae: Id rather win some of vans' skatelite 04/04/12 05:52 PM
alex78: angrybirds 04/04/12 07:20 PM
jnapol: that looks so sick 04/04/12 10:30 PM
skater: The berrics app is my sheet!! 04/04/12 02:54 PM
j.bell: Love Skatepark of Tampa 04/04/12 05:09 PM
dwskat: Currency got a underbite. 04/04/12 02:43 PM
gmc231: siiiiiiiiiiiick! 04/05/12 01:11 AM
Tony.n: I love Asian people! 04/04/12 02:51 PM
fmhigh: SplifFMYERS! 04/04/12 02:45 PM
tlodzi: Instagram! 04/04/12 07:34 PM
jakehe: iFart, specifically the Sneak Attack feature, farts will always be funny. 04/04/12 02:51 PM
Oracle: Tiny planet! Sick camera warping app that turns photos into planets or time warp continuims! LEGIT 04/04/12 03:22 PM
ngedo1: Lightsaber 04/04/12 08:06 PM
fght11: the fml app 04/05/12 06:42 AM
ChrXsW: That case is OFF THE WALL!!! lol 04/04/12 03:01 PM
alexsc: FOR HONDO!!!! 04/05/12 03:02 PM
dillon: 04/04/12 07:30 PM
Hockey: Please make sure it isnt blue… I don't need a blue waffle 04/05/12 11:16 AM Skateboarding is not a crime! SPOT for life 04/05/12 10:14 AM
Nathan: Facebook App A place to see all the trolls and hoes including the wannabe fools! 04/05/12 12:52 AM
tony.n: I love Asian people! 04/04/12 03:12 PM
jmorri: let me get one son 04/05/12 02:47 AM
Sk8bor: Probably the Police Siren app because you can scare the crap out of your friends when in their car! Instagrams also sick but not funny.. 04/04/12 03:56 PM
dmarti: Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. 04/04/12 02:48 PM
jonste: ANGRY SPERMS!!!!!!!! Shake those Sperms OFF!!!! and 04/05/12 08:01 AM
craig.: Bite the Banger! 04/04/12 05:23 PM
MORALE: OOH ME ME ME.... f@ 04/04/12 04:33 PM
leehen: Haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate. 04/04/12 02:53 PM
Sergio: Got my vans on and there protectin my speaker 04/04/12 11:08 PM
hass21: my favorite app is MYTP2.5 ski and board. dopest ski and snowboard game for the iphone! 04/04/12 04:35 PM
zack19: Favorite iPhone App is Temple Run 04/05/12 08:11 AM
alenso: I love dizm skate!! 04/05/12 04:05 PM
jake18: the only app that i use is instagram and angry birds!!! 04/05/12 11:15 AM
leight: whats green and has wheels? .....Grass. I lied about the wheels 04/05/12 12:16 AM
Petmit: My favorite app is Angry Birds 04/04/12 05:24 PM
johnpo: Pick me braaahhh! 04/04/12 03:01 PM
kaowen: favorite app....hmmmmm......i dig virtual girlfriend....i mean, come ON!!! im a chic and i LOVE it!! :) 04/04/12 05:40 PM
mr.gre: instagram and temple run 04/04/12 03:46 PM
vhrils: Favorite app is flipboard with instagram a close second. 04/05/12 03:32 AM
thisfo: I need this case cuz I hada dream I dropped my iPhone and i shat myself, and my dreams usuallly end up coming true, so uh, hook it up? 04/04/12 02:43 PM
Swit90: Oh the many lengths i would go to palm the vulcanized rubber of that case, and to feel its waffle sole against my face as i use it. Ahhhhhh 04/04/12 03:32 PM
Ghetto: Screw this phone its off the wall now. 04/05/12 04:31 PM
zacmar: Favorite app, Camera so i can make my photos all buttery. 04/04/12 11:03 PM
gofyos: go eat unicorn sheet you fag life homos! EAST COAST! 04/04/12 02:44 PM
chocal: my favorite iphone app is skate dice. 04/04/12 09:24 PM
evilon: SPoT and Vans two classic winners. 04/04/12 03:43 PM
Sgogan: INSTAGRAM 04/04/12 02:46 PM
kfaria: I use facebook to cry myself to sleep at night 04/04/12 11:29 PM
msende: SKEET SKEET hook it up homie 04/05/12 11:55 AM
diggyd: I am a skater and skate photographer with a Canon ;) 04/04/12 03:07 PM
james.: Instagram because I can take sweet photos of titties and skateboarding 04/05/12 12:04 AM
chadke: i would definetely love to have this case. I would use it combined with the iPhone ivibrator app to please my wife. 04/04/12 02:45 PM
cuturh: I heart Vans! 04/04/12 11:19 PM
pmsosi: did Weezy lose this after killing the course during Pro? 04/04/12 05:19 PM
Dereka: This case looks pretty nifty! 04/04/12 03:29 PM
corner: my case is broken. I know its not funny, sorry. 04/04/12 02:55 PM
Hennin: This isnt twitter! You should at least give us a few more characters to work with ?? 04/04/12 03:44 PM
jmyers: ************************* 04/04/12 08:20 PM
wetwil: spot>ccs 04/04/12 10:33 PM
jaskat: i skate with mi iphone with de best shoes !!!!!! 04/05/12 11:36 AM
dawber: Instagrams the sheet, i can get my inner photographer on, without spending a pluck ton of money on a t2i 04/04/12 08:00 PM
jonesa: life is short midgets are shorter 04/05/12 12:29 PM
dwayne: Instagram FTW!!!......... Ohh and Zombiefarm :D 04/05/12 04:18 AM
jlc662: My favorite iPhone app is Instagram!! 04/05/12 10:35 AM
noah.w: is this the waffle grip og or new waffle cup construction? 04/05/12 08:15 AM
TheJHa: Id probably fumble the damned thing around like a retarded chimp before I finally figure out its a phone cover... 04/04/12 02:49 PM
dksk8r: Im going to cut off my eat to prevent world war 2!! 04/04/12 09:18 PM
nahnah: scramble with friends. im unbeatable. 04/05/12 03:00 AM
Jtighm: Love you 04/04/12 07:43 PM
jrsnyd: i think my favorite app is the nicekicks app 04/04/12 07:05 PM
ryanpe: Laugh out loud. 04/04/12 09:11 PM
candic: pandora 04/05/12 04:24 AM
busman: i need waffles in my life 04/04/12 03:12 PM
jamyan: (knocks Vans case on head )That was my skull! 04/04/12 04:34 PM
Punkra: Follow @kingofthegrams on Instagram and Ill show you my girlfriends tits 04/04/12 02:42 PM TITS! 04/04/12 03:47 PM
chadca: Bobby@Skatepark has one and I wanna be cool like BOB ! 04/05/12 11:36 AM
xsandx: Can I just say Im broke? 04/04/12 03:58 PM
jefft@: I cant skateboard very well 04/04/12 03:00 PM
highgu: draw something. ps: SPoT ap is needed 04/04/12 02:45 PM
Kevin.: 04/04/12 10:17 PM
Bayne.: Pretty much my favorite iPhone app is the silent my woman app. No more talking when you open this app. :) 04/04/12 03:26 PM
jhelln: Vans for life 04/05/12 12:39 AM
i-do-n: Draw something, i like drawing 04/04/12 03:12 PM
Porter: Large sack of cheese in a jansport= epic beach volleyball fondue. Or fondont 04/04/12 08:03 PM
charli: why is santas sack so big ? 04/04/12 02:43 PM
jhbart: INSTAGRAM! 04/04/12 10:12 PM
Gam08c: Why does Jake Johnson look so much like Professor Snape? 04/04/12 11:34 PM
seanst: Evernote 04/04/12 02:48 PM
manuel: instagram 04/04/12 04:06 PM
mc.rod: Instagram, biznottches! 04/04/12 08:59 PM
tito@t: give me your i phone or i will Trayvon your ass biatch! 04/04/12 02:42 PM
Rjaroc: Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder 04/04/12 03:09 PM
kayess: khan academy mobile app. duh. free lectures!!!! 04/04/12 03:36 PM
Comacu: My favorite app is the one that cooks for me, does my laundry, and blows me daily, its called the iWife 04/04/12 03:00 PM
ghalda: i want one so bad but couldnt find one 04/04/12 05:50 PM
khmedi: Favorite iPhone App has to be "Instagram". Do to the fact that the whole skateboard community is on it. 04/04/12 04:22 PM
nolan.: House of Vans!!! 04/04/12 05:35 PM
danche: Lil Wayne is a great sk8r 04/04/12 02:41 PM
volcom: BOOBIESSS!!!!!! 04/04/12 03:15 PM
rickyd: Instagram! 04/04/12 04:39 PM
grindk: School of skate !!! And iMovie:P 04/04/12 03:10 PM
aaront: my e-mail address is stupid, but this phone case is awesome and i really want to give it to my brother for his birthday! 04/04/12 07:25 PM
bforre: 04/04/12 03:37 PM
Sbowes: Hope its vulcanized 04/04/12 03:32 PM
bzarit: pandora 04/04/12 03:24 PM
Vans17: Rob, this years Tampa pro turned out great. The live feed was awesome! But, you gotta hook a Bama kid(Dothan,al) up. My phone needs clothed. 04/04/12 04:49 PM
jordan: spot does great things for skateboarding in tampa, keep it up 04/05/12 03:53 PM
Pezska: I got waffle grip tattooed on the soles of my feet ....literally! Ha 04/04/12 03:16 PM
bertan: i want one:) 04/04/12 07:31 PM
swirle: touchgrind 04/04/12 02:43 PM
marino: They are the grippiest soles in skating theres a good chance this will help my phone stick kick flips, so it could be on lil waynes level 04/05/12 03:57 PM
alysha: My favorite iPhone app is Eat Hot Dog' for whenever I have the urge. 04/05/12 02:43 PM
nickas: Girl scouts are little drug dealers and my drug of choice is thin mints. 04/05/12 04:21 PM
paalle: I am down for lurkin hot chicks on instagram 04/04/12 03:18 PM
sltchr: double shakas on the dime....brah 04/05/12 11:02 AM
ThatNl: Mega Man X on iOS bbboooiiiiii!!! 04/04/12 03:08 PM
kurtis: fake moat race of the employees for promotion just for kicks. my fav app is instagram, since i love photography :) 04/04/12 08:37 PM
cbehan: not a funny entry.. instagram 04/04/12 03:10 PM
sweet_: My favorite iPhone app is a tie between Instagram 04/04/12 02:47 PM
skateb: yo best invetion from vans 04/04/12 03:06 PM
xletsl: hook it up so my phone will be forever safe around aunt jemimah and ms buttersworth...those courts. 04/04/12 02:50 PM
Shoppi: When I think about turnips, I get a boner... 04/04/12 03:10 PM
ortizr: draw something 04/04/12 09:17 PM
iam4g1: waffle grip bitch slapping necklace 04/05/12 10:47 AM
Lucas@: Please! And thank you! 04/04/12 02:59 PM
Pusosa: If you have an iPhone, its a must to have an instagram! Best app ever! 04/04/12 03:45 PM
randyo: check my feed @ran_dolf 04/04/12 03:19 PM
coasti: My favorite ap is the iKamasutra...because I am not clever enough to think of that crap on my own. Thanks iTunes! 04/04/12 03:47 PM
travis: Lets all have a moment of silence for peoples wasted efforts n crushed hopes bc imma win n to make you smile here are some boobs ( . )( . ) 04/05/12 12:52 AM
branch: I dont have an iphone, but if I win this I'll have no choice but to get one 04/04/12 11:11 PM
brand0: Rob is the man!!! you hook everyone up with their orders !!! 04/04/12 02:46 PM
J.hoov: Dont give that case to any wiggers 04/04/12 03:04 PM
joshua: holla atcha boy 04/04/12 07:39 PM
NoDesi: If I got this case, I will be taking dope instagram photos.. In style! 04/04/12 03:25 PM
Krissy: I just bought my spoiled ass brat kid an iPhone and have no money left for a nice case! 04/04/12 03:45 PM
dk3283: bring back 90s giant jeans! 04/04/12 02:44 PM
nbeas3: Why were Helen Kellers fingers burnt? Because she tried to read the waffle iron. 04/04/12 04:15 PM
cpoole: cannapedia bitch. ROLLSOMETHING 04/05/12 10:53 AM
franki: I cant believe you sent me 2 left shoes haha. SPoT is the jizz!!! 04/04/12 02:48 PM
jmcrae: I got nothing, Im tired 04/05/12 04:34 PM
jrmart: the numbers 172 can be found on the back of the $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial 04/04/12 03:01 PM
crybri: im old school and my birthday is monday :) pick me 04/04/12 02:40 PM
jason.: Texts from Bennett APP! "an im worried dat i got da baby in her stomech pregnent. is dat possabel? i cant hav a baby man" 04/05/12 10:19 AM
gobrer: Instagram 04/04/12 10:07 PM
zenn0r: I LOVE THIS sheet PLEASE SEND IT TO ME THANK YOU 04/04/12 03:29 PM
pokorn: Whats the difference between a penis and a bonus? Your wife will always blow your bonus! 04/04/12 10:00 PM
Tomvin: I think the world would be a safer place if everyone who wanted to fly on a plane had to eat a bacon sandwich before getting on. The sloga 04/04/12 04:39 PM
Kendal: Im bouncing off the wall' for this case!!!!! It will look great on my phone:) 04/05/12 07:57 AM
lgvort: Gun Bros 04/04/12 02:47 PM
Jeffle: Gun Bros 04/04/12 02:41 PM
jasper: Temple Run 04/04/12 04:14 PM
lucky1: cydia 04/04/12 06:51 PM
potchi: Instagram... fcuk droid 04/04/12 09:46 PM
Whtclb: Ive looked for these forever... I just need one:( please! 04/04/12 03:38 PM
s.pigo: vans are the sheet.. 04/04/12 02:41 PM
dyllon: if they had a bangbros app in the app store thatd be my favorite! 04/04/12 09:42 PM
a.rami: Where are the Meron grabs lately? 04/05/12 12:02 AM
mike_s: the craigslist app deff comes in handy! 04/04/12 03:21 PM
castil: I hope i win, this is too sick to just let pass bye!! 04/04/12 11:57 PM
mikedn: thats where the bottom of my sneaker went! 04/04/12 03:27 PM
sabian: i need some wafflecup for my iphone i keep dropping that sheet and its starting to get mad expensive. its either this or quit drinking... 04/05/12 01:41 AM
gregl3: Thrasher 04/05/12 12:08 AM
nechte: Touchgrind 04/04/12 02:43 PM
Leslie: I really need this...after all it will be an awesome 30th bday present!! 04/04/12 02:41 PM
luis.h: A dentist and a manicurist fought tooth and nail. 04/04/12 02:51 PM
jtfort: skatematic 04/04/12 03:26 PM
browni: I dont even have an iphone, but I have a spot tattoo 04/04/12 07:16 PM
jeffh7: I love Aunt Jemima on ma waffles!!! Fav app is twitter! 04/05/12 03:02 PM
patpru: why do squirrels swim on their backs? to keep their nuts dry 04/05/12 01:25 PM
fallon: Draw Something because my drawings of a wedgie and wu-tang ruled. And playing with my friend mark makes me look like Davinci 04/04/12 04:01 PM
mikebe: 04/04/12 08:35 PM
koreya: INSTAGRAM 04/04/12 02:44 PM
hehate: instagram 04/05/12 12:28 PM
nelson: Holy sheet! i cant believe you guys have one of these. If i got this in a product toss I would rep you guys forever. I would only buy SPoT! 04/05/12 10:04 AM
street: Maps. To find out where the hell I am most of the time. 04/05/12 04:37 PM
tyboni: May I please have this iPhone case?! Ive wanted it for a long time. I even drove a half hour to find out it wasn't in stock. 04/04/12 03:22 PM
Sjoerd: I alwost want toput my iphone on my foot whit this case! 04/04/12 03:49 PM
Matted: It looks really sweet but If I win this I will never get my phone back from my daughter. 04/04/12 10:15 PM
Leomen: Hell YEAH off the wall! this would be tight as tits! SKATEPARKOFTAMPARULES!!!! 04/05/12 11:45 AM
sean.b: gonna win the vans case suckaaaaaaaa 04/05/12 10:56 AM
yoitsn: instagram manigggaaa! 04/04/12 02:55 PM
franki: Luca from NJ Skateshop owned Clements..thanks for the all access pass at Tampa Am! 04/04/12 04:08 PM
Adamj1: Use photosynth. Best photo meshing app Ive used. And instagram rules obviously. There should be an option to insert a wooden stick... 04/04/12 03:17 PM
jakbla: SPoTs Instagram!! 04/05/12 02:18 AM
Chubow: DatPiff, because it lets me choose a variety of good music when I skate. 04/04/12 03:15 PM
Nathan: Weeeee 04/04/12 03:25 PM
joseph: draw something! 04/04/12 03:26 PM
jakepf: INSTAGRAM! 04/04/12 02:51 PM
timbra: The amazing stuff about this is, that you can play 36 holes on it in the afternoon, take it home and just get stoned to the bejeezus-belt 04/04/12 11:48 PM
brashe: Gimme that sumbitchin eye phone prophylactic. 04/04/12 05:16 PM
spak50: Instagram and twitter! oh yeah guess what?...................................................................thats what! 04/04/12 03:42 PM
spitin: Instagram kills Facebook DEAD! 04/04/12 09:25 PM
bmx4l1: Gun Bros 04/04/12 02:48 PM
Lnzblu: 04/04/12 04:22 PM
cj.arn: How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door youre on. 04/04/12 02:48 PM
conor1: instagram 04/04/12 11:27 PM
Madrid: Instagram for iPhone! Android pls be dismissed (: 04/04/12 02:46 PM
myles.: Action movie fx app is my favorite app because you feel like your in a movie and its freaking hilarious when you use it on people 04/04/12 03:11 PM
Ms150h: Favorite app is HAIR PLUCKER check it out and thanks 04/04/12 07:17 PM
jls569: My girlfriend would give me a really good blowjob if I got this for her. Hook a brotha up with a blowjob. 04/05/12 01:47 PM
cmoore: 04/04/12 02:50 PM
robert: pluck yeah that rules!!! 04/04/12 05:58 PM
Sam.ha: CHICKEN LIVERS!!!!!! 04/04/12 07:44 PM
ticepe: INSTAGRAM!!! thanks fah the case. 04/04/12 02:41 PM
tdecos: ive been living in the stone age using a first generation enV. Just upgraded to the iphone, perfect timing! 04/04/12 09:31 PM
anndwi: Will i ever win one of these ? 04/04/12 09:05 PM
Kennyj: I want some waffles! 04/04/12 05:15 PM
sk8aby: I only skate and collect vans. need it. 04/04/12 02:43 PM
candic: instagram 04/05/12 04:19 AM
Asilve: Whoa, awesome. They should make shoes like this! 04/04/12 03:49 PM
Rbeas7: iWaffle uWaffle commenting for a iWaffle 04/04/12 04:01 PM
Lcr44r: I must have this case before the world ends in December !! 04/04/12 03:26 PM
schult: Soo sick! 04/04/12 02:49 PM
keithz: I am a broke ass stay at home dad. My daughter is constantly dropping my phone. Pick me so I can show the moms at the playground Im awesome 04/04/12 02:49 PM
mc6553: hopefully this helps my phone bounce off the wall next time im talking to the old lady and she pisses me off! 04/05/12 12:29 PM
slindg: Throw in a chicken, I want some chicken and waffles. 04/04/12 04:23 PM
jbell1: Peacock! 04/05/12 03:10 PM
Spicyr: Are you tickleish? 04/04/12 03:55 PM I was at SPoT 8 years ago, and have been following it ever since. Cant wait to get back there one day. 04/05/12 12:39 PM
Thomas: I saw someone talking on there phone with one of these and i thought he was tallking into his shoe. Its such a sick case 04/04/12 02:57 PM
jessej: yeeeaaa win me one of them waffle cone ice cream cases 04/04/12 04:18 PM
Caseyb: Instagram. Only for skateboarding and titties of course. 04/04/12 05:52 PM
herber: Awesome idea for a iPhone case! 04/05/12 12:00 AM
yeahhh: waffle grip 04/04/12 04:26 PM
shakej: Ying yang on a frog sack 04/05/12 04:57 PM
marica: Instagram 04/04/12 11:48 PM
Chun_n: app 04/05/12 04:02 AM
timmar: plumbers crack 04/04/12 03:18 PM
ntorre: i hope it comes with odor eaters 04/05/12 12:28 PM
sk8r4l: delicious 04/04/12 10:40 PM
thuble: Is it wafflecup? 04/04/12 07:02 PM
enjoid: deez bitches rollin 04/05/12 10:04 AM
jawuan: skate or dice, skate grub ,instagram,tumblr 04/04/12 09:11 PM
yazini: My last iPhone 4 got stomped out by some vans! What the hell. Its revenge brough 04/04/12 03:36 PM
justjv: I WANT THIS SOOOO BAD!!!! 04/04/12 09:29 PM
tmurph: sw@666 04/05/12 09:04 AM
bradle: amen break app 04/05/12 10:31 AM
Btgaff: Safari, because lets be honest, porn. I think safari counts. If not angry birds because that plucks your sheet 04/04/12 04:42 PM
acetat: electrodrum drum machine 04/04/12 07:58 PM
lukewh: what do you call a skateboarder with no shins or ankles? toe-knee Hawk 04/05/12 04:01 PM
the_as: if i win i will skate my iphone 04/05/12 01:56 AM
btwmag: Shibby. 04/04/12 10:42 PM


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