Red Bull Mind the Gap 2012

Posted on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by Porpe

Photos and Words by Porpe

DJ Wade in the Red Bull MXT. This machine is a mobile party just like DJ Wade.
Red Bull Wings Team hard at work.
The ongoing joke of the weekend was that Connor Champion is the long lost brother of the ATL twins.
Bob Reynolds with special guest judge, Justin Brock.
Isaiah Rodriguez's switch bigspin over the gap could have placed him top three if he would have landed it just a bit cleaner. He also stuck switch bigspin heelflip a handful of times, which easily could have won him the Contest.
If Rob was putting this together there would be a toilet seat under Reggie Kelly for a hard fought frontside 360. Unfortunately, for two years in a row now, he was unable to walk away with the trick. I hope he goes back and gets it.
Robby Kirkland landed this hardflip revert so perfectly that it caused one hell of a celebration.
You would have thought that the Buccaneers just won the Superbowl with this celebration from The Body.
CJ Tambornino won the Contest once again with this switch inward heelflip.
Congratulations to Robby Kirkland, CJ Tambornino, and Liam McCabe for finishing top three in the 2012 Red Bull Mind the Gap Contest. Official results can be found here.
The after party was at Side Bar right down the street from the gap. We stay squadded where ever we go.

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