Gib's Going to the West Coast Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Gib's Going to the West Coast

Posted on Tuesday, May 15, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I've got a song you should cue up while you're looking at these photos. Gib's out of here to move to the West Coast, so let this video of Coconut Records' West Coast song with Gonz in it play while you lurk. See you at your new home soon, Gib.

Justin works back here in Innetech with me. Innetech is Skatepark of Tampa's back offices where mad bid'niss is going down. As I type this, Justin is right next to me fending off sales pitches from a local shoe rep trying to get us to stock the whole line. Just another case of the Mondays for us here. If you thought Justin's hair didn't move, check this no comply sequence for evidence to the contrary.
You can find Tom working both Shops, Ybor and the main store here at the Park. After work you can find him dropping 360 flips into the bricks.
Gib's new home is the west coast, but it's a small world and we'll be pushing tailslides together again before you know it. In the meantime, you make new friends so fast when you skate. That's what saved me when I was moving every few years while growing up.
Alex is getting multiple marriage proposals on Facebook right now from this pop-shuv sequence. I hope people don't creep it out in the Shop like that where she works.
Ryan's quarterpipe in his driveway has him on some new moves like this hurricane.
Porpe has some new moves of his own like feeble grinds.
You can find Zach in the Shop helping me track down the Poo Poo Bandit. Hopefully there isn't another urinal discovery after this session. I guess that would narrow down to being an inside job?
Luke's new to the Shop and new to frontside tailslides. He's got it this time, no pooper.
Is Aaron the Poo Poo Bandit? Nah, he just had a fierce battle with a backside noseblunt slide that didn't end in roll away, so for now, it's a Take a Poop.
Street Schaefer will forever have the frontside boardslide.
We had some FSEC in on the session, too. Josh has this balancing act first try.
Gib, if the Poo Poo Bandit quits striking now, you are officially a suspect. See you in California!


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