Baltimore Lurk and Zumiez Couch Tour Stop Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Baltimore Lurk and Zumiez Couch Tour Stop

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Zumiez invited us to hang out at their Baltimore Couch Tour stop where the Girl team was stopping by for a demo and signing. We lurked the town and hung out all day. Check out a few photos from our adventure. HiDefJoe will have an episode of SPoT Life posted on this one soon. And of course, I'll have a sketchy Rob Meronek's Cell Phone Edit. All we need is some decent internet which is hard to come by here in Detroit where we're at right now. We're spending Go Skateboarding Day here. More on that later.
This nice man from Ukraine we met while skating gave me a dollar after I shot his photo. Weird.
It's nice to find the old guy friendly spots right out of the car. What's that guy back there doing?
Oh, he's just tryig to hide a piss out in the open.
Brian is always attracted to the street characters. We were not sure if this was a man or a woman. We'll just go with woman. She's got a pretty big business that grew from her selling these wacky items on the street. She's 79-years-old and still hustlin' hats on the corner and claims it's an addiction.
Lately when we travel, we have been heading straight for the tourist/popular stuff. We missed a lot of that our first few years. We're in the mix of downtown Baltimore which is like a big outdoor mall.
HiDefJoe has a quick wallie off this thing before people get salty on us for "destroying the art." We're making the art, fools.
We made our way over to our friend Derek's house who has a mini-ramp that is about to crumble into the earth. It was still a fun session before the sun went down, though.
Now we're on site at the Zumiez Couch Tour where high fives and handshakes are being had with the Girl team who has just arrived for a demo and signing.
Brian and Brian.
Mike Mo and Sean Malto on the live webcast.
A little bit of rain wasn't a problem with the crew staying on it with water sweeping.
OMG Sean Malto #1.
OMG Sean Malto #2.
OMG Sean Malto #3.
OMG Sean Malto #4, grown man edition.
Brandon Biebel - gap to nosegrind during the demo.
Guy Mariano - backside 180 nosegrind up.
Sean Malto - frontside 180 fakie manny frontside halfcab out.
I'm thinking this would make a great Crailtap caption contest.
Mike Carroll's classic backside 180 one foot.
The buffet table in the tent has all the cures you need.
I think the Girl team put in a solid three hours or so of autographs.
Biebel tweets between each signature.
Check the edition of SPoT Life coming up where you can win this poster we had the whole team sign.
This is Jordan and Jackson that we met today. This is their first skateboarding event. We hope to see you in Tampa one day soon, new friends.
Mongolian truckin' feels so natural when you first start out skateboarding.
Happy Birthday, Brandon Biebel. No, the cake did not go to the face.
Schaefer made it to the webcast. I wonder how much politically incorrectness made it over the digital airwaves.
I forget the name of this band that we crept backstage for.
It was a nice tweenage product toss. Thanks for the hospitality Zumiez!
Oh and that's how our night ended. I've been on this climbing thing lately. Good night ya'll.

Sketchy Cell Phone Edit

I film everything with my phone. Here's a few select minutes of randomness to go along with these photos.


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