A Party at Nike SB's S&M Warehouse in LA

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Nike's new skate warehouse at Sixth and Mills in LA had some kind of shindig that we rolled to last night. We thought it would be a skate session, but it turned out to be a party. Hell yes!
We thought we were coming for a skate session, but apparently it's a party. Not a bad upgrade. The line is down the street out front.
Looking into the course from a deathbox on a quarter-pipe.
There's a full photo exhibit in here.
Photographer Ben Colen and Scott Johnston.
Right when we got in, the lights went out on the skate session on the party got turned up, but not before Omar Salazar could Spiderman some stuff.
There's a full heavy metal parking lot section at S&M.
Tampons are running deep here. This is just a small slice.
OG Skatepark of Tampa Party Team chief Justin Strubing.
We're in Andrew Pott's local hood.
Trash Talk is playing now. I spy Tyler the Creator.
Global Party Coordinator, Hunter.
So some glass got broken outside and that set off some kind of police call.
Tim Zom probably doesn't even know what riot police are being from Rotterdam. That's fellow Nike guy Dylan Witkin.
This is Alex's first time in California and her first party here.

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